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The LittleRP 3D printer, an "affordable, open 3D resin printer" released in 2014, has received a full upgrade. The LittleRP2 introduces a configurable vat, an extended height option, additional controller shield options, added projector compatibility, and more new features and refinements.

Brad Hill, the brains behind the original LittleRP 3D printer, caught our attention a few years ago when he announced that his DLP resin 3D printer would cost less than $500, an impressive price for a complex piece of 3D printing kit. Needless to say, the resin 3D printer was colored orange, but its build-it-yourself setup made it look like a kind of RepRap-Formlabs hybrid. The printer was received with decent user reviews, and the LittleRP established itself as a viable low-cost option for DLP printing.

Fast forward a few years, and there are now many more affordable resin 3D printers out there, which makes it difficult for a project like LittleRP to really make its voice heard in the ever-expanding maker community. Rather than let the project simmer down, however, Hill has now returned with a completely new 3D printer, the LittleRP2. The 3D printer builds on the existing LittleRP, introducing new compatibility and size options as well as a number of significant refinements.

With prices starting at $575, the LittleRP2 is slightly more expensive than its predecessor, though not significantly so. And when considering the new bits and bobs included with the kit, that price may well appear justified. You can find the full list of new features at the bottom of the article, but notable improvements include an extended height option (that’ll cost you an extra $50), a Z-limit switch, a MGN12 rail option, and additional supported projectors and controller shield options. The 3D printer also offers expanded x/y/z dimensions and support for 25-micron printing.

The LittleRP2, like the original LittleRP, is available as a self-assembly kit, and users will need to source their own projectors for the 3D printer. Fortunately, the kit is compatible with a fairly wide range of off-the-shelf models, including a handful of beamers from Acer, Viewsonic, and Hitachi. And of course there’s a great deal more user input that can go into the printer besides simply choosing a projector: the LittleRP2 is licensed under the Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0 or greater license, allowing users to share and adapt the hardware and software, even for commercial purposes. Those looking to build and modify their own LittleRP2 can get stuck into its Github repository here.

New features in the LittleRP2 resin 3D printer:


  • Wider foodprint to allow for additional vat options
  • Self-sourceable configurable vat
  • Extended height option
  • Convertable to larger build area
  • Additional controller shield options
  • Additional supported projectors
  • MGN12 rail option
  • TR8x2 Leadscrew option
  • Rear shutter access added
  • Common vat nut-trap holddowns


  • Quiet operation (using TMC2100 drivers and Astrosyn dampner)
  • Hinged hood
  • Bent non-glued hood option
  • Solid build plate
  • Z-limit switch
  • Stepper driven shutter / limit switch option
  • Sockethead adjustment for build plate leveling
  • Increased rigidity of top panel attachment


  • 25 Micron X/Y options for Acer X152H and Optoma HD37 projectors
  • Astrosyn dampner decouples leadscrew non-eccentricity



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All Things 3D wrote at 3/24/2017 1:39:26 AM:

A great little SLA printer and Brad (designer of the Little RP) is extremely helpful and took great effort to make this one of best "little" SLA printers on the market.

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