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Leading tool manufacturer Stanley Black and Decker has been a leading innovator in its field for over 100 years now, and it is still managing to keep up with the latest technological developments. The New Britain, CT- based company yesterday announced the release of its first 3D printer. Developed in partnership with Sindoh, the Model 1 3D printer is intended for the consumer market, aimed at beginners and experienced users alike.

The Model 1 is an FFF/FDM 3D printer, and will work equally well with either PLA or ABS filament, with refillable cartridges available in white, black, red, blue, gray, yellow and green. The filament will load and unload automatically, which is a unique convenience for machines around the Model 1’s price range, most of which require time-consuming manual spooling and unspooling. The 3D printer has a maximum build volume of 200 mm x 200 mm x 185 mm, thanks to a removable print head.

Appealing to newer users of 3D printing technology, the Stanley Model 1 will provide step-by-step guidance through the process on its built-in 5 inch color touch screen. Levelling and adjustment of the print bed is easy to manage from this display, or alternatively it can be done manually. The bed is also heated at a constant temperature, which will prevent warping of the 3D printed object during the cool-down phase.

The Model 1 boasts an impressive level of connectivity, with the ability to straightforwardly upload files from a USB or even control the printer remotely through a wireless network. The process can be easily monitored online with the help of the built-in web camera and internal LED lighting.

Stanley’s latest project was the result of collaboration with Sindoh, whose focus is also towards the simplification of 3D printing technology, getting as many newer users into it as possible. Their product has therefore been optimized to be as accessible and hassle-free as possible, with an incredibly reliable, quiet, and safe functioning guaranteed. The Stanley Model 1 is designed to be a desktop 3D printer, mostly for people looking to rapidly prototype any designs they might be working on.

The Stanley Model 1 is intended to retail at a very reasonable $1,325, and it will be sold exclusively through Amazon, aiming to corner the market in amateur hobbyists and curious 3D printing first-timers. Its success could potentially encourage even more manufacturers to target that particular demographic. Hopefully soon we will see the groundbreaking and futuristic possibilities of 3D printing technology being more easily integrated into our everyday lives.



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