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Global 3D Systems (G3D) has launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for its T-1000 DLP/SLA 3D printer. The new 3D printer, which boasts a larger build volume and faster printing speed than its leading competitors, is exclusively available to backers via Indiegogo for as little as $1,900 per unit.

Quote from Global 3D Systems “We will continue to innovate future products that will offer more features and functionality through advancement in technology. This will continue to lower G3D products price curve." (Moore’s law)

Recently, (even within the last couple weeks), we’ve seen the emergence of many new DLP/SLA 3D printers that are aiming to offer makers new and more affordable options for their DLP 3D printing needs. Up until now, resin-based desktop 3D printers have been more expensive than their FDM counterparts, figuring for roughly $3,000 or more. With the new wave of DLP/SLA machines, however, this seems to be changing.

With its new T-1000 3D printer, Global 3D Systems seems to have brought something noteworthy to the table: a resin-based system which is not only more affordable than leading DLP/SLA 3D printers (the Form 2 by Formlabs, for instance), but reportedly has a larger build volume (179.2 x 134.4 x 300 mm), higher resolution (0.0075 mm), and even faster print speed (2.6 in/hr).

According to Global 3D Systems, its T-1000 3D printer has already received TÜV Certification for its safety and quality and is ready-to-ship. This means that backers can expect to have their campaign rewards shipped out within one to five days after the Indiegogo ends. G3D has already raised over 97% of its goal from its backers with 25 days left of the campaign.

Let’s take a closer look at what G3D is offering with its new DLP/SLA 3D printer. According to the company, the 3D printer was built to global industrial standards, which includes an XY adjustable build size (from 100 µm to 175 µm), and adjustable Z axis resolution (from 120 µm to 7.5 µm). The latter lets users set the print quality to their liking, which in turn adjusts the print speed. In other words, for pieces that require the highest resolution, like fine jewelry or dental molds, the print time will be variably longer than it would be for more basic, everyday prints.

The T-1000 also integrates a patented Self Leveling System and a Bakelite build-plate surface, which both offer reliability and repeatability for prints. In combination with its custom designed UV LED light engine, G3D says users can essentially 3D print non-stop. The 3D printer’s structure itself consists of a tough industrial metal enclosure which, again, has been certified for home and commercial use by TÜV.

In terms of user-friendliness, G3D says the T-1000 was created with entry-level makers in mind to professional rapid-prototyping services, and is optimized for user experience. For instance, the 3D printer is WiFi or Ethernet enabled, which makes set-up easy and does away with the hassle of cables and wires. This also means that users can access and control their prints via any web browser device. Backers of the Indiegogo campaign will also receive a G3D layout software which can be installed on PC or Mac, and will be given access to any future software or cloud updates.

T-1000 Comparison

As mentioned, the crowdfunding campaign is offering exclusive access to G3D’s ready-to-ship 3D printer models for the competitive cost of $1,900 per unit. Rewards for the Indiegogo also include bottles of G3D’s UV curing resin, free G3D R/C buggy files, and the ability to access the G3Dit design and library service (through which T-1000 owners can request designs from G3D’s 3D design team). Backers should receive their T-1000 3D printers within a week of the campaign’s close. G3D utilizes global distribution services by Expeditors, that will engage in cost effective worldwide shipment via local distribution hubs in major cities around the world.



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Jan wrote at 5/17/2017 5:24:14 AM:

Ordered one via their webpage after consulting with E.Machala (due to Indiegogo purchase didnt work for me). Sane problems about login and software download for me the last 2weeks , but got software and docu from G3D by Email after requesting a direct link . Also , was suppose to get shipping info from them but DHL was faster :-). Will be delivered to Japan tonight ( from the Manila hub). Hope someone finds this comment and posts it on indiegogo comments (unfortunately i cant). Maybe someone who bought it on indiegogo sets up a forum (googlegroup ) so i can share first pics and experience ?

Frank wrote at 4/7/2017 10:52:13 PM:

I talked to the guys. It seems that everything is ok

Frank wrote at 4/5/2017 10:17:55 AM:

Looks too good to be true! Are they really trustworthy? There is no legal adress anywhere not on the Homepage and not on Indiegogo. On Indiegogo ist the Company located at Los Angeles, USA. If you search at google it is located at the Phillipines. Any Website and SocialMedia Account is not older than a few weeks.

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