Apr 4, 2017 | By Tess

3D modeling platform VECTARY has launched a new app feature in collaboration with the Noun Project, one of the biggest online collections of icon graphics in the world. The new plugin allows VECTARY users to import 2D icons from the Noun Project’s online library for free and have them automatically transformed into ready-to-print 3D models.

The Noun Project, a web project based in L.A., has an expansive collection of 2D icons which are supplied and updated by graphic designers from around the world. The online platform, which boasts over 10 million downloads and over 700,000 icons, has become an indispensable resource for designers everywhere.

Now, with the VECTARY collaboration, the Noun Project is entering into the realm of 3D, and will likely become more popular within the global maker community. As VECTARY’s blog explains, users will now be able to import icons from the Noun Project directly into VECTARY (as .svg files) to see them automatically transformed into 3D printable models. As a video demonstration shows, this means that makers can turn recognizable icons into a variety of 3D printed tools, such as a stamp, for example.

The inspiration for the new app feature was to make 3D modeling even more accessible, especially to children and beginner users. As VECTARY writes, “This is going to remove many of the common barriers that usually come with learning to 3D model and it will help new users get on board our tool more easily. The integration of the Noun Project will also allow a younger audience to play around in VECTARY and see great, immediate results.”

To use the new feature, VECTARY users simply have to select the Noun Project plugin from the VECTARY app plugins option. From there, it is easy to search for a specific icon, or scroll through various options to pick what graphic you want to work with. Once an icon has been selected, it will automatically appear as a 3D model, which can be easily edited and modified by the user.

According to VECTARY, this exciting update is just one of many to come, as it promises to continually update and improve its online 3D modeling platform. “We plan to add many useful plugins like this one in the near future to help make your 3D modeling even easier. We will also launch plans for business for those who want to use their models commercially,” said the startup.



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