Apr 11, 2017 | By Julia

Formfutura, the popular filament producing company based in The Netherlands, is launching a new PLA-based filament for desktop 3D printers that is sure to excite pottery enthusiasts. The company’s new aptly-titled “StoneFil” 3D printer filament is based on Formfutura’s modified EasyFil PLA compound but comes with a clever twist: this freshly released filament is gravimetrically filled with 50% powdered stone.

This remarkable “stone filling” offers a significantly higher material density, which Formfutura representatives say is up to 37% higher than normal PLA filaments. Consequently, the new StoneFil offering boasts unique aesthetic features that are specially designed for 3D printing objects in fine detail with matte, stone-like finishes. Additionally, natural gradient linings promise that every print will possess a unique, eye-catching chromatic spectrum and impressive colour shading.

The new StoneFil lineup includes concrete, granite, pottery clay, and terracotta options, and will retail for just under €33 per spool. Filament diameters are currently set at 1.75 mm and 2.85 mm. Users should be advised, however, that a high stone-filling content can have a more abrasive effect on brass nozzles than unfilled filaments.

Clearly aimed at users working in pottery-making, clay design, and other stone-based crafting, the StoneFil filament provides watertight printing as of 6 shells, although 4 shells is already sufficient for manufacturing planters and flowerpots.

A cursory glance through some of the sample StoneFil prints reveals that the new Formfutura offering does indeed create professional-looking planters, flower pots, and other ornaments with a stone-like aesthetic. But with the StoneFil filament boasting both FDA compliance and RoHS & REACH compliance, possible applications aren’t limited to the garden; the new Formfutura filament is safety certified for direct food contact.

“We at Formfutura are true believers in the life-changing technology of desktop 3D printing,” say Formfutura reps on their company website. “As our name implies, we want to present the best and latest materials available to our customers in order to enable them to create their designs via desktop 3D printing. We believe everybody has a designer inside them. We are the building block of your creations!”

Launched back in June of 2012, Formfutura was established in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Founded on principles of sustainability and unlimited customization, the Dutch filament making company has made a considerable name for itself in the world of desktop 3D printing, and currently ships all over the world. The StoneFil filament is the newest release by Formfutura.



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Anja wrote at 4/12/2017 2:05:09 PM:

@Lohocla @Hendrik: Thanks, corrected

Lohocla wrote at 4/12/2017 1:54:47 PM:

Food contact not foot.

Hendrik wrote at 4/11/2017 2:27:59 PM:

"...certified for direct foot contact." Wow. That's very antibacterial then... LOL

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