Apr 13, 2017 | By Tess

Dutch 3D printer manufacturer Nectar has announced that it has received a one million euro investment from Dutch investment company TIIN Capital and venture capital firm PPM Oost. The funding will allow the Arnhem-based 3D printer developer to increase its production, sales, marketing, and R&D for its upcoming Nectar One 3D printer.

Nectar was founded in 2013 by Nick Wilderink and Stein de Haan, the company’s current CEO and CTO, respectively. The two were driven to develop an affordable 3D printer that would enable users to not only make accurate and good quality 3D prints, but to do so in a user-friendly and accessible way. The fruit of their labors is the Nectar One, an industrial delta-style 3D printer which features a modular architecture and an integrated HEPA and carbon filter module.

Currently, Nectar’s team is working hard to bring its first product to market, and the added boost from the €1 million investment is sure to help the process along. According to the company’s blog, it “needed capital to scale even further and expand [its] business to drive growth.” Thanks to TIIN Capital and PPM Oost’s interest in the Dutch 3D printer developer, Nectar will be able to increase its production and invest more in its sales, marketing, and R&D departments.

“We’re glad that we have two very experienced investors on board with TIIN Capital and PPM Oost,” commented Wilderink. “They are a huge asset to our business and will help bring hassle free 3D printing to many more companies. Nectar’s focus on reliability, usability and ease of use mean that we had to build our own 3D printer and software from the ground up. This requires a significant investment in time and money and with our current round we will be able to expand production and R&D to further build upon the Nectar One ecosystem.”

So far, the 3D printer has already been tested by “launch customers” such as Teijin Aramid, a Dutch subsidiary of Japanese Chemical and Pharmaceutical company Teijin. The company was provided with one of the first Nectar One 3D printers to manufacture complexly structured prototype components. A recent post by Wilderink on 3D Hubs says that the 3D printer is ready to ship and that the company is looking for makers or businesses to provide feedback about the Nectar One.

Nectar has listed a number of specifications for its upcoming 3D printer on its website:

  • Build volume: 280 mm Ø x 400 mm height
  • Maximum bed temperature: 150 degrees Celsius
  • Maximum nozzle temperature: 300 degrees Celsius
  • Closed Loop Filtering System
  • Replaceable Active Carbon & HEPA Filters
  • LAN-port, USB-B & 230V Power

The 3D printer is also compatible with a range of different materials, including ABS, PLA, HIPS, ASA, PC, PA 12, and PET G. The Nectar One’s cost is listed as €5,999 on the Nectar website, though if you participate in the 3D Hubs feedback program, you could be eligible for a 20% discount.



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