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Any interested newcomers looking to purchase a 3D printer for the first time might well find the right solution for them on Kickstarter, where MAG has just launched a campaign to raise funds for its ICreatum project. The MAG ICreatum is an all-in-one 3D printer designed to be easy to use, and with a relatively affordable price point.

According to the backstory presented on their Kickstarter page, previously released 3D printers were mostly found wanting by the MAG team, who were all passionate about 3D printing technology but consistently disappointed by the quality of machines at the lower end of the market. Most 3D printers were either too bulky, too difficult to use or too expensive, so they decided that the only solution was to set up MAG and make their own 3D printer from scratch. Each member of the team wrote down the features that they would ideally want from the perfect 3D printer, and they set to work turning their idea into a reality.

The result is the ICreatum all-in-one FFF 3D printer. It was built entirely from metal, with a compact, minimal design and all wires and internal components hidden from view. Elegance was one of the key things MAG was hoping to achieve with their 3D printer, and it certainly is an impressive, futuristic-looking machine.

Another aspect that MAG found most 3D printers were lacking was simplicity, so the ICreatum has a number of features that will help to make the printing process a little more straightforward. The machine boasts an auto-bed levelling feature, which means that any beginners looking to start 3D printing projects at home won’t be have to deal with any calibration problems before they can get to work. The machine can be assembled quickly from a number of simple parts, allowing a user to go from unboxing to printing in no time. This also means that repairs are easier to do, as individual parts can be replaced instead of the whole machine.

MAG wanted its 3D printer to be adaptable and expandable, not forcing any limitations on the imagination of its users. This is something they have gone some way to achieving with ICreatum’s multi-function head. It is currently set-up for laser engraving, CNC milling, and plotting, as well as the main function- Fused Filament Fabrication 3D printing. This means that any finishing touches that need to be added once an object has been 3D printed can be easily done without the need for any extra tools or complicated reconfiguration of the machine, and the modular design of the Mag ICreatum and its SDK also allows for these extra functions to be added to indefinitely by users with the right expertise.

A ceramics extruder is currently in the pipeline, and MAG has also been planning a pastry extruder with a fellow startup. As for the print heads that come with the machine currently, the laser head boasts 200mW of power, and the high-speed CNC routing head is able to mill 6mm Plexiglas with ease.

While the ICreatum doesn’t offer anything we haven’t seen before in terms of functionality, the impression given by photos of finished 3D print jobs on Mag’s crowdfunding site is of an efficient, accurate machine, and the price as it stands is particularly competitive.

While the final retail price hasn’t been set yet, early bird pledges to the Kickstarter can receive a finished unit, with filament, from as little as $99. The all-in-one, multifunction version is currently available with a pledge as low as $249. If MAG does manage to achieve its target for the ICreatum, we could be seeing the 3D printing world becoming a lot more accessible in the near future.



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Otaku Kani wrote at 4/24/2017 3:59:53 PM:

Thought you would like to know, This campaign you are promoting and have stated that "the impression given by photos of finished 3D print jobs on Mag’s crowdfunding site is of an efficient, accurate machine" were lifted from other websites that had nothing to do with the Mag Icreatum. Many of these pictures he alleged as being from his machine have been removed from the campaign as of this morning. This Creator has also been manipulating the shipping cost among all of the levels, offering his printer at $99 but then the outrageous shipping charge of $199. for the same machine that he started with a shipping charge of $39. in many cases 250% to 500% higher shipping. He also has shipping charges of various other levels going to the same places for the same machine, depending on when you pledged. In at least one case, a backer reported that while he is in the same country and within driving distance, he is being charged $199 for shipping. There are many questions about his practices that the creator refuses to answer. There are many other "problems" with this Kickstarter Campaign such as showing items that are not part of what he is offering. Your readers should read carefully through the comments should they still desire to pledge into this campaign. Frankly I'm surprised that any publication would endorse this campaign, then to tout how great the items that were created without fact checking them first.

Flybywire wrote at 4/23/2017 7:22:34 PM:

Before you back this project read the comments already there....might be wise to do so.

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