Apr 26, 2017 | By Benedict

FDM 3D printer maker Type A Machines has announced an update to its Series 1 line of 3D printers. The new Series 1 Pro features a magnetic interchangeable BuildTak FlexPlate platform and an Adaptive Auto-Leveling feature.

Type A Machines’ Series 1 line of 3D printers has been around for several years now, but the California-based 3D printing company continues to add new features and updates to its tried and tested machines, which include the Series 1, Series 1 Pro, and Print Pod. Today, the Series 1 Pro received two big additions: an interchangeable BuildTak FlexPlate platform and Adaptive Auto-Leveling, giving users the chance to cut out surface preparation and platform leveling from their workflow. The FDM 3D printer also introduces a new “flex-to-remove” feature for lifting completed prints off the built plate without scraping tools.

According to Type A Machines, the 360W 12” x 12” build surface of the Series 1 Pro will now come with a magnetic base fitted with the BuildTak FlexPlate System, which eliminates “the hassle of both platform preparation and print removal.” Nothing needs to be added to the built plate during preparation, so printing can commence immediately. Once a print is finished, the FlexPlate can be separated from the magnetic base, bent slightly to “pop” the print off, and then returned to the base to start a new print. To speed up the process even more, users can even use two FlexPlates, inserting the second as soon as the first is removed.

Mike Valentine, Vice President at BuildTak, commented that his company is “extremely excited to partner with Type A Machines to bring the BuildTak FlexPlate System to the Series 1 Pro,” adding that “Type A Machines’ reputation for professional-level manufacturing and innovation make it a perfect fit for their users, as the BuildTak FlexPlate System was designed to dramatically speed up the 3D print removal process.”

The other new feature of the new Series Pro is its Adaptive Auto-Leveling feature, which removes what Type A Machines describes as “the most labor intensive aspect of 3D printing”: calibrating the build surface. The feature automates the leveling process using an inductive sensor, correcting for build surface misalignment during printing to ensure a successful first layer. The 3D printer maker says this feature is better than most 3D printer auto-leveling systems, because it “performs error-mapping and corrects for misalignment in real-time” instead of actively modifying a part.

The new Series 1 Pro, which comes with a 12” x 12” x 12” build surface with Adaptive Auto-Leveling, heated BuildTak FlexPlate System, G2 Extruder with stainless steel hot end, webcam, Wi-Fi, and one-year warranty, is available for $3,995 from Type A Machines and its network of resellers. BuildTak FlexPlate and Adaptive Auto-Leveling are available as upgrades for $299, or for half that price if the customer bought their Series 1 Pro in the last month.

“Reliability and accuracy are the hallmarks of the Series 1 Pro 3D printer; with today’s announcement, we add ‘simplicity’ to the list of reasons to own a Series 1,” said Type A Machines founder Andrew Rutter. “The Series 1 Pro with BuildTak and Adaptive Auto-Leveling represents a significant step forward in increasing the efficiency and throughput of 3D manufacturing.”



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Jory wrote at 5/1/2017 9:11:41 PM:

Yep Steve, I noticed that too almost immediately. When my print bed is level and machine properly set-up, my skirts are nice and flat...and attached to my bed. Funny that picture made it out for promotional purposes.

Steve Taitinger wrote at 4/26/2017 8:24:16 PM:

Um, does any else see that the skirt isn't printed properly for a large part of what can be seen? For a professional level printer cost I would expect the first layer to be perfect every time much less in an ad for a new build platform!

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