May 3, 2017 | By Tess

New York’s annual Collective Design Fair opens today, and—much to our delight—will feature a number of limited edition 3D printed design items from OTHR, one of our favorite 3D printing design studios and online marketplaces.

OTHR, which is based in New York, will be debuting a range of 3D printed design objects at the fair, including a collection of abstract vessels called the Vanguard Series. The Vanguard Series consists of five pieces, each of which were each made by a different up-and-coming designer. OTHR invited five well-established designers to each choose a young or emerging designer to create their first 3D printed piece.

Let’s take a look at what will be on display. The first notable 3D printed object is a porcelain piece called Tulip. Created by New York studio Chen Chen & Kai Williams (chosen by curator Murray Moss), Tulip is a 3D printed vase that was loosely inspired by the iconic Dutch pyramid vases from the 17th century.

Tulip by Chen Chen & Kai Williams

The striking 3D printed object consists of several porcelain bud-shaped vessels— designed to hold a flower each—which are stacked one on top of the other by steel, matt-black stems. “We normally design by physically manipulating and shaping something. Working with 3D printing requires a lot more development to happen within your mind,” said Chen Chen & Kai Williams of its first 3D printed piece.

Another piece which visitors of the Collective Design Fair will be able to admire is Brutus, a set of modular 3D printed vessels inspired by brutalist architecture. The piece, which combines black and silver steel segments that can be assembled in different ways, was created by Egg Collective, an all-women design collective based in New York.

Brutus by Egg Collective

"The repetition and precision of this technology sort of allows this multiplicity that creates all of these different moments," said the designers. Architect Annabelle Selldorf, founder of NY-based Selldorf Architects, selected Egg Collective for the project.

The third 3D printed piece debuted by OTHR today is created by Chicago-based designer Ania Jaworska, who was selected for the project by Pin-Up Magazine creator Felix Burrichter. Her piece, called Pavilion, is a 3D printed grid-inspired structure made from a matt-black steel.

Pavilion by Ania Jaworska

According to the designer, the piece is meant to be paired with other objects to be more functional. "With this project I was interested in ambiguous reading of the objects, as to offer more interpretations of their form and function," Jaworska explained.

Suple N2 is an interesting piece by Chilean design studio gt2p, which was nominated by The Met’s decorative arts curator Christian Larsen. Consisting of a black porcelain base and polished gold steel tops, the three-in-one vessel is a stunning piece of home design. Relatively new to 3D printing technology, gt2p founder Guillermo Parada said his biggest challenge in creating the object was figuring out how to fit different materials together that are traditionally hard to combine.

Suple N2 by gt2p

Last but not least is a 3D printed vessel called God Save the Queen, which was created by French designer Marie-Victoire Winckler, who was chosen by interior designer India Mahdavi. The three-part vase has a ribbed celadon porcelain base, a gold steel ring middle, and a striking white bulbous top. The visually interesting piece comes across as both traditionally ornate and technological.

"What is interesting to me in this 3D technique is to be able to work with emptiness and space between elements in such a precise way," said Winckler of her design process and working with 3D printing.

God Save the Queen by Marie-Victoire Winckler

Each of the designers who contributed to the Vanguard Series worked with OTHR throughout the design process via Skype calls, using digital modeling and OTHR’s 3D printing technology to realize the final pieces. Each of the vessels at the Collective Design Fair will be on sale for $5,000 a piece.

The fair will be running until May 7, 2017 at the Skylight Clarkson Square venue in Manhattan, New York.



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