May 23, 2017 | By Tess

American automaker Ford has announced the appointment of Jim Hackett as CEO. Hackett, who succeeds Mark Fields (who is retiring after 28 years with the company), will lead Ford through a number of transformations aimed at strengthening the 114-year-old company’s business and accelerating its use of beneficial technologies such as 3D printing, artificial intelligence, advanced robotics, big data, and more.

Jim Hackett ​(left) and Executive Chairman Bill Ford (right) 

Prior to the appointment, 62-year-old Jim Hackett served as CEO of Steelcase, as interim athletic director at the University of Michigan, and as executive chairman of Ford Smart Mobility LLC. The latter position has been Hackett’s since March 2016.

“We’re moving from a position of strength to transform Ford for the future,” said Bill Ford, the company’s Executive Chairman. “Jim Hackett is the right CEO to lead Ford during this transformative period for the auto industry and the broader mobility space. He’s a true visionary who brings a unique, human-centered leadership approach to our culture, products, and services that will unlock the potential of our people and our business.”

Hackett, who will take over Ford’s worldwide operations and lead the company’s 200,000-plus employees, is expected to focus on three key points in driving the automaker forward. The first consists of “sharpening operational execution” in order to advance underperforming aspects of the business, as well as increase quality, go-to-market strategy, product launch, etc.

For us, the second area of focus is by far the most exciting, as Hackett will be tasked with modernizing Ford’s business. This will include using new technologies and tools such as 3D printing, AI, and advanced robotics to “unleash innovation” and improve the company’s overall efficiency.

Finally, Hackett and Ford will also work together to ensure a good company environment and a strong team, all to help the car manufacturer meet “future challenges”. Accordingly, the company has already appointed three new leaders who will work under Hackett: Jim Farley, who was named executive vice president and president of Global Markets; Joe Hinrichs, who was appointed executive vice president and president of Global Operations; and Marcy Klevorn, the new executive vice president and president of Mobility.

“I am so excited to work with Bill Ford and the entire team to create an even more dynamic and vibrant Ford that improves people’s lives around the world, and creates value for all of our stakeholders,” said Hackett. “I have developed a deep appreciation for Ford’s people, values, and heritage during the past four years as part of the company and look forward to working together with everyone tied to Ford during this transformative period.”

Ford's newly appointed CEO Jim Hackett

American automaker Ford was an early adopter of additive manufacturing technologies. It bought one of the first 3D printers in 1988, has since used the technology for rapid prototyping, and is even exploring the potential of 3D printing large-scale, one-piece car parts, such as spoilers.

We’re excited to see how Ford further adopts additive manufacturing technology under its new leadership.



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