May 25, 2017 | By Benedict

Washington-based Robotic Industries LLC has launched a Kickstarter campaign for the BuildOne, a $99 3D printer with WiFi and automatic bed leveling. The campaign has raised almost $40,000 of its $100,000 goal.

In 2017, 100 bucks won’t even get you a year’s worth of Netflix. Soon it will barely get you a bowl of cereal. But bargain-loving makers can rejoice, because Robotic Industries has just launched a Kickstarter for what must be the most affordable crowdfunded 3D printer of the year—yeah, it’s under $100.

At a measly $99, the brand new BuildOne doesn’t immediately scream “high quality,” but the Kickstarter-supported FDM 3D printer is not quite as flimsy as you might think.

The budget 3D printer’s appearance resembles the simplest of RepRaps, but the new and affordable 3D printer is actually packed with relatively advanced features. WiFi? Check. Automatic bed levelling? Affirmative. Mobile support via a dedicated cloud platform? Heck yes. The machine even offers automatic calibration.

And as if that list wasn’t impressive enough for such a cheap 3D printer, the BuildOne is even compatible with a number of add-ons, some of which you won’t find on 3D printers twice or three times as expensive.

These add-ons include a PEI bed for “easy print removal and superior adhesion,” an OLED screen and joystick control to view and control print progress, a heated bed for printing with ABS, and a full enclosure and carry case to make the 3D printer “compact and portable.”

With the 3D printer available at such a low price, many makers will see the BuildOne as a fun hacking project. Accordingly, the machine uses an open source, modified version of Marlin firmware. “We've added the ability to have the head unit communicate via I2C to reduce the wiring required and allow for future upgrades,” Robotic Industries says. Users can also choose between the printer’s customized printing application or their own preferred software.

“3D printers are amazing devices; they make it easy to invent, create, or repair,” Robotic Industries says. “But they remain very expensive or very difficult to use.”

The BuildOne looks to change all that by offering a feature-laden FDM 3D printer at one of the lowest price points on the market. The 3D printer is supposedly “built to last,” being made with quality parts that are easy to repair or replace, and is recommended for home, business, and classroom use.

The new 3D printer has a build volume of 125 x 125 x 125 mm, at a minimum layer height of 50 microns. Its XY resolution is 20 microns.

The Basic Edition of the BuildOne is available through Kickstarter for $99, but there are also more comprehensive packages available that contain some of the mentioned add-ons. An extra $14 will get you a PEI build plate; $49 will get you the PEI plate as well as a heated bed and display update; $74 will get you everything mentioned plus a full enclosure and carrying case.



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