May 31, 2017 | By Tess

A new metal 3D printing center has opened in the French city of Bayonne. The facility, called Addimadour, will be geared towards helping companies adopt and optimize metal 3D printing for various projects.

Located in the Basque Science Park, the new Addimadour metal 3D printing center is part of Bayonne’s Technocité site, which is aimed at developing technologies and advancing research in the fields of aerospace and advanced materials.

The 800-square-meter research facility was realized thanks to 2.4 million euros in funding from the Region of New Aquitaine, the Basque Country Agglomeration Community, the European Regional Economic Development Fund, the ESTIA Business Foundation, and the ESTIA School of Engineering. The 2.4 million euro investment will go towards funding projects over the next three years.

The idea behind the Addimadour center is to provide smaller businesses and enterprises with the means to explore and take advantage of metal 3D printing technologies. As we’ve seen time and time again, additive manufacturing is becoming increasingly beneficial for manufacturers seeking to produce parts with complex geometries, and especially to speed up prototype lead times.

The 3D printing center, which was inaugurated on May 19, currently houses a number of large-scale robots, including a laser-based robotic 3D printer which is used for 3D printing prototype parts out of biodegradable plastic. Soon, the Addimadour center will be operating BeAM Magic 2.0 3D printers, which have the capacity to additively manufacture metal parts.

French company BeAM’s Magic 2.0 3D printing system features an advanced 5-axis printing technology, as well as a large build volume of 1200 x 800 x 800 mm. Equipped with a IPG 2KW Fiber Laser and a MacroCLAD 10Vx Deposition Head, the metal 3D printer has applications in the aeronautic, aerospace, defense, and oil and gas industries.

Starting October 2017, ten engineers will be tasked with running the Addimadour metal 3D printing center, some of which will come from the ESTIA School of Engineering. The school will also be able to use the center when necessary. A number of partnerships have also already been established between the 3D printing center and various aerospace and aeronautic companies, which will use Addimadour to advance certain projects.

The Addimadour facility will also be guided by its neighboring facility, Compositadour, which specializes in advanced robotic processes for the implementation of composite materials. We can’t wait to see what innovations come out of the French metal 3D printing center.



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