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Another busy week of 3D printing news, as the Kickstarter campaign for the Blackbelt 3D printer smashed its funding target and 3D printing company AREVO partnered with In-Q-Tel. In case you missed any of these or other goings-on, here's a quick roundup:

Volkmann introduces new material handling system for 3D printing

A new system, dubbed the AMMHAS (additive manufacturing material handling system) has been introduced by manufacturing company Volkmann, Inc. It makes use of 3 elements that enable to it to recover and screen metal 3D printing material after a print job, and then return it to the machine or a container for future use. It enhances efficiency of 3D printing systems as well as being a solution for dealing with toxic materials.

Companies making use of metal 3D printing can get hold of AMMHAS in a floor-mounted or mobile version. It makes use of the company’s pneumatic vacuum technology, and it can function in a normal air environment as well as with inert gas. The inert transfer system is designed in a ‘closed loop’, which means that the gas can be contained and reused, cutting down on costs. This system works with a specially configured pump that will maintain system temperature and containment.

The system has been successfully used in 3D printing projects involving tungsten, cobalt, silver powder, copper, and corundum, and many more besides. According to Volkmann president, Nick Hayes, ''We are very pleased to offer this system to the additive manufacturing industry. Having the ability to safeguard facilities with vacuum transfer of material as well as reclaim and reuse these expensive materials, gives the industry cost savings that make its end product even more viable.”

AREVO forms 3D printing partnership with In-Q-Tel

Leading composite 3D printing manufacturer AREVO has today announced a new partnership with In-Q-Tel. Established in 1999, In-Q-Tel is a non-profit strategic investor that identifies innovative technology solutions for the U.S Intelligence Community, and the two companies will be developing technology and making investments in close collaboration.

“AREVO’s additive manufacturing technology delivers complex parts with a unique value proposition which cannot be made with any conventional or other additive manufacturing techniques,” said Katie Gray, Investments Partner at IQT. “Our partnership with Arevo will enable IQT’s customers to stay ahead of the curve in developing new devices critical to our nation’s security.”

AREVO’s on-demand, mass manufacturing of composite parts has made a name for it in the industry, and its work is optimized with a unique combination of robotics, software, materials and 3D printing. Hemant Bheda, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of AREVO, was positive about what the company can achieve together with IQT: “Partnering with IQT in this manner is a great vote of confidence in our design and composite manufacturing process methods, she says. work with IQT will open more doors for us.”

GKN Sinter Metals developing new material for SLS 3D printing

Working together with GKN Driveline, GKN Sinter Metals has been developing a new metal powder for SLS 3D printing projects, according to a post on the company’s blog. The new material is a low-carbon alloy steel, named 20MnCr5. It is specifically designed to be make 3D printed gear prototypes, as well as being perfect for camshafts and other automotive parts.

The case-hardened material has a number of key properties for 3D printing, including high strength and fatigue strength, and excellent wear resistance. It also remains machinable in spite of its inherent toughness, and remains ductile in spite of its strength. GKN can now offer the production of parts using their new material as well as hybrid production. The company has already completed an order for a batch of 32 gear wheels for a leading gear box supplier, and has received numerous inquiries from other clients about the potential applications for 20MnCr5.

Kickstarter for innovative Blackbelt 3D printer reaches target in just 15 minutes

We reported previously on the Blackbelt 3D printer, a unique machine specifically designed to print more complex geometries. Its conveyor belt function can be slanted, meaning that printing overhangs is no longer a problem. The belt also allows objects to be printed in series, for continuous production, as well as lending a strong aesthetic touch to the printer. The design of the Blackbelt is modular, so a user can customize it and modify their printing process however they see fit.

The Kickstarter page that was started for the Blackbelt on May 12 has already surpassed its target amount of $50, 000, which it reached in a mere 15 minutes of launch. It has $68, 184 as of today, with 28 days left on the crowdfunding campaign. Makers or small businesses wanting to make use of what the Blackbelt has to offer should get their orders in early, as pledgers will still be able to get hold of a full-featured desktop version of the Blackbelt for $8,500. The final retail price once the campaign is over and the 3D printer hits the market will be $9,500.

3D printed prototype from BEEVERYCREATIVE is ready for European Space Agency

One of Portugal’s leading desktop 3D printing companies, BEEVERYCREATIVE, has announced today that it has completed a 3D printed prototype for the European Space Agency. The prototype is for a breadboard that can be used in zero-gravity, and it is made of a high-performance polymer.

This project is known as MELT ((Manufacturing of Experimental Layer Technology), and it sees BEEVERYCREATIVE working in collaboration with Active Space GmbH (Germany), Active Space SA (Portugal) and OHB Systems AG (Germany). The consortium won the right to test their work on the International Space Station at the end of 2014, and has been working on the project since June of last year. BEEVERYCREATIVE is bringing the 3D printing expertise, as well as developing the necessary operating software.



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