Jun 11, 2017 | By David

A Brookyln-based designer has been using 3D printing technology to bring some of his most personal ideas to life in the form of stunning jewellery. Artur Dabrowski’s rabbits and architecture-themed collection is available to browse or purchase at his ‘Multiply Like Rabbits’ object workshop, where the remarkable pieces are displayed being worn on their own as well as forming part of various images that illustrate a whole narrative world.

The branding and design of Dabrowski’s jewellery is focused primarily on the concept of ‘depth’. This applies both to the formal language that his objects communicate in, in terms of depth of field and composition, as well as to the meaning of the narratives that his work is situated in. His products are intended to tell a story that is entirely open-ended and free for people to interpret in their own way. This playfulness is in full display in the pictures that we can see on his workshop page, where the jewellery is placed against 2D hand-drawn backgrounds or situations, as well as 3D dimensional model environments and worlds. According to Dabrowski, ''design is best when it's not-designed, as if the end product was a found object... unquestionable in it's presence and without anyone's claim of originality. In order to do this, it’s important that every detail bears some form of meaning to the whole.''

Rabbits have been an important theme in Dabrowski’s work ever since he was a child in elementary school, where he would draw pictures of rabbits in the margins of his notebooks: '‘I think the imagery of the rabbit being personified is playful’', he says, '‘the rabbit is cute, hops around, eats, multiplies… and lives naively in this world.''  The idea driving his designs is that personification of the rabbits brings about a conflict between this naive, natural being and the rational, complex individual. This is what gives such interesting duality to his work, poised between a high-concept formality and a childlike innocence.

Dabrowski’s higher educational background is in architecture as opposed to graphic or product design, which also brings a fascinating otherness and multi-disciplinary quality to his 3D printed jewellery designs. This is particularly obvious in the ‘architecture’ series of works. He has made some rings that are modelled after the brickwork textures in the door arches that he remembers from his childhood home, and one particularly remarkable ‘stair ring’ features miniature steps intricately printed on the inner side of the ring’s curve. The theme of this series is ascension and descent, tying in again with the overarching narrative possibilities he hopes to express through his work.

All of Dabrowski’s pieces are made from high resolution 3D printed wax using various different design methods, including algorithmic or parametric design. They are hand polished for smoothness and available in 3 colors: silver, bronze, or brass. You can get your hands on some of the cheaper pieces for around $60, with others being up to $200. The whole collection is a beautiful testament to the potential of 3D printing technology to let a designer’s imagination run wild, without sacrificing final product quality.



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