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Earlier this year, Swiss dental solutions company Straumann, announced that it was seeking an official 3D printing partner to help it accelerate the use of 3D printing in dentistry. Some time after the announcement, the Basel-based company announced that it had found a partner in Rapid Shape, a German company specializing in rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing.

Now, both companies are announcing the “deepening” of their partnership, as Straumann has acquired a 35% non-controlling stake in Rapid Shape. Though undisclosed, the funds will help Rapid Shape to “invest further in expanding development and production as well as its service footprint.”

Marco Gadola, CEO of the Straumann Group, said: “3D printing will have a key role in dentistry and it was essential for us to gain access to this technology quickly. Rapid Shape is a well-run, fast-growing, entrepreneurial company with industry-leading expertise. Their quality, innovation, and reliability fit perfectly with our philosophy and enable us to offer 3D printing as part of an exciting portfolio of integrated solutions”.

In March, Rapid Shape and Straumann entered into a non-exclusive distribution agreement through which Straumann would supply Rapid Shape’s 3D printers across the globe for dental applications. And while the recent acquisition will strengthen the companies’ connection, Rapid Shape is still holding up its non-exclusive distribution partnerships.

Rapid Shape, which produces manufacturing technologies for the dental, jewelry, hearing aid, and ceramic markets, is enabling Straumann to push 3D printing forward in the field of dentistry. Its 3D printers can be used to print temporary prosthetic restorations, as well as models, drill templates, partial frameworks, bite splints, and ortho models in an efficient manner. According to the company, one of its 3D printers can turn out a print drill template or temporaries in just 16 minutes.

As part of the distribution agreement with Rapid Shape, Straumann will sell its 3D printing systems to dental offices under its own brand. This will make it easier to offer 3D printing as part of its recognized digital workflow for dental applications. Straumann customers will also have the benefit of choosing their own 3D printing materials from a range of different suppliers thanks to Rapid Shape’s open system technology.

Rapid Shape's D40 II 3D printer for dental applications

“Straumann boosts our existing distribution network thanks to its large sales force, global presence, and powerful brand,” said Rapid Shape CEO Andreas Schultheiss. “This partnership safeguards our independence as an entrepreneurial company and provides us with the means to continue developing the leading-edge additive manufacturing systems for dental labs and practices as well as for the hearing-aid and jewellery industries.”

3D printing in the dental industry is quickly expanding as dental professionals start to realize the benefits of using additive manufacturing. The technology offers a cheaper and also much faster production time for dental implants and the like, significantly cutting down patient waiting times.



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addicted additive wrote at 2/5/2018 8:02:47 PM:

unfortunately rapidshape's service and mechanical reliability is still worse. Most used components are less quality and overpriced. They didn't managed it at all

Mikes Becker wrote at 6/29/2017 4:03:57 PM:

where is objet in the dental 3d Printing world? Two years ago they were the kings of the market and since then completely disappeared. I have heard that they have closed down the dental operation but not sure. Now all other players takes over. Too bad as they were really having a nice start to become the main player.

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