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Wave3D, a Toronto-based 3D printer manufacturer, has just unveiled its first commercial stereolithography (SLA) 3D printer: the Wave3D Pro. The new printer was specifically developed for professional applications such as rapid prototyping and design.

Having been in development for the past two years, the Wave3D Pro is finally here. And in a market that is becoming increasingly saturated with 3D printer models, the SLA system is aiming to make an impact on enterprise and commercial applications by offering an affordable and relatively compact system—something that can enable small and medium-sized businesses to integrate 3D printing technology into their day-to-day.

As Wave3D points out, as much as 95 percent of economic activity in 3D printing comes from enterprise, though there is still a gap in the market for affordable and professional 3D printing solutions.

“Today, large, industrial 3D printing is still a six-figure proposition for almost any company that wants to produce large, high quality parts," explained Ajay Deshmukh, Co-Founder and CEO of Wave3D. "In our early market research, large size, high quality, reliability and affordability remained a combination that was just not available.”

With the release of its Wave3D Pro SLA 3D printer, the Canadian startup says it is offering businesses the means to “stay competitive” at a “very accessible price.”

“Compromises needed to be made, on either size, or materials available, or even with the orientations of prints in order to get the types of industrial output needed for enterprise applications,” Deshmukh added. “We simply asked ourselves, how could we deliver a final outcome that rivaled all aspects of an industrial printer, with the simplicity of a desktop?” 

The 3D printer is a bottom-up SLA machine, which has been rethought and re-engineered in a number of ways. For instance, the Wave3D Pro integrates a proprietary build tray made using optically clear film rather than silicone. This film enables users to more easily replace the build tray if it becomes damaged or suffers any wear.

According to Wave3D, this optically clear film also reduces the risk of hazing and sticking, so large prints with wide flat surfaces can be made more easily. The Wave3D Pro’s tray is also equipped with an automatic resin circulation system, as well as temperature and leveling control for the 3D printing resin. This means that users can work with either a full resin supply or a tray with as little as 1.5 liters of resin in it.

In terms of specs, the Wave3D Pro does offer an impressive build platform size. Coming in a 394 x 216 x 559 mm (15.5 x 8.5 x 22 in), the SLA 3D printer is notably larger than many of its competitors, including the Form 2 3D printer. The 3D printer also offers a resolution of 50 microns.

The Toronto-based company also added that its compact industrial 3D printer can easily fit through any doorway and thus does not require any specialized or extensive installation processes. The printer is also open in terms of materials and slicing and support generation software. (For the latter, WAVE3D says that either Autodesk Netfabb or DataTree3D Creation Workshop can be used.)

Currently, Wave3D is preparing a “demonstration model” of its 3D printer to be used in a pilot program. The 3D printer will therefore (for now, at least) be produced on a small scale, putting its price at around $60,000.

Wave3D says it is in talks with industry leaders and is searching for “the right partnership, strategic investment, or possible acquisition to ensure that enterprise testing, support, and quality is maintained for any products it might bring to market prior to a formal launch.” Ultimately, the company hopes to make professional 3D printing more accessible to smaller businesses.



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