Jul 27, 2017

Simple, affordable, 3D printing is now available to anyone thanks to SparkMaker. The Hong Kong-based company has launched a Kickstarter campaign for the SparkMaker, an LCD based SLA 3D printer that prints in high-resolution yet has a price that makes it affordable for everyone. With a $99 starting price on the Kickstarter run, the company aims to bring the quality of SLA printing to the masses. The campaign has raised more than $65,000, triple the original campaign goal.

Although 3D Printing has been popular for several years, the hardware has been expensive preventing many from exploring the endless creative possibilities it allows. Adding to that, complicated design software and 3D modeling experience were a prerequisite to working in 3D. SparkMaker is compact, beautiful, and user-friendly. It features one-button print simplicity, easy load multi-color resins, and print-ready downloadable designs. The system is so simple and effective that anyone can begin 3D printing in only a few moments. At 10 x 6.7 x 6.7 inches (27.5 x 17 x 17 cm) and a weight of only 6.6 pounds (3Kg), the SparkMaker fits perfectly in any office, studio or workshop.

The SparkMaker 3D printer has a maximum build areas of 4 x 2.2 inches (10.2 x 5.6 cm) and a build height of 5 inches (12.5 cm). Printing at 100 micrometer XY resolution and up to 20 micrometer Z layer thickness, SparkMaker is ideal for scale prototyping as well as general 3D printing. Simply insert an SD card with a pre-loaded design, press the print button and your creation begins to take shape.

SLA is generally superior to the typical FDM 3D printing method. The SLA 3D printing technology creates smoothly curving, natural contours that result in incredibly precise finished 3D models that have a greater resolution and better accuracy than the FDM method.

SparkMaker comes with 5 types of resins, each suitable for different objects you wish to create.

"We recognized that many people would love to explore the fun and creativity of 3D Printing but from our years of experience in the industry, we knew that people were discouraged by the high price of the hardware and the complexity of the process. Our goal was to eliminate both and with SparkMaker we have done so," said Martin Cao, CEO & Co-Founder of SparkMaker.

To begin pre-sales and offer special incentives to early adopters SparkMaker is launching a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter with early adopter pricing as low as $99 USD. As of writing, the €20,000 funding goal has already been reached, and all the super early bird offers are gone, but you can still pledge €129 and get a SparkMaker in December.




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K.GOTLA wrote at 1/24/2019 3:02:38 PM:

Kindly fwd us Catalogue with Price for SPARKMAKER SLA 3D PRINTER with Price for delvy to Mumbai /INDIA Thanks K.GOTLA ZEDENTERPRISE@GMAIL.COM

Corey wrote at 7/28/2017 4:35:37 PM:

I don't know how the voice actor recited all of that chinglish script with out cracking up. Looks like in interesting Duplicator D7 alternative though.

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