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Global technology giant Siemens has established a major business partnership with Identify3D, which has the potential to increase implementation of 3D printing technology in the manufacturing sector. Identify3D provides a unique security software solution for digital manufacturing processes, enabling companies to protect their assets, control the supply chain, and make sure business and production rules are enforced. The new collaboration with Siemens will be a major financial boost for Identify3D, and is part of its recently concluded Series Seed investment round led by SoftTech VC, which also saw the company receiving investment from Bee Partners and DART Capital Partners.

Growing recognition of the benefits of 3D printing and other digital manufacturing methods is causing them to have a progressively larger impact on a range of different industries, but security is an issue that is still making many businesses reluctant to implement them fully. One of the major concerns for manufacturers is that digitization brings with it a loss of control over assets, affecting things such as the quality of the final product and ownership of intellectual property.

Identify3D’s innovative toolset addresses these issues directly. Identify3D Protect gives manufacturers the ability to securely encrypt their designs, preventing them from falling into the hands of competitors or being changed in a way that detracts from the credibility of the original product or brand. Identify3D Manage enables the management of orders, facilitating secure and accountable digital distribution. Finally, Identify3D Enforce provides integrity and security to the final manufacturing phase. It ensures that parts are produced strictly according to specifications regarding materials and machine used, speed, temperature, resolution, etc.

“Manufacturers have embraced digital manufacturing as an efficient way to bring innovation and efficiency in product manufacturing,” said Joe Inkenbrandt, Co-Founder and CEO of Identify3D. “But along the digital manufacturing thread, companies are vulnerable to issues of quality assurance and the potential theft of intellectual property. Securing the digital thread from prototype to finished product is critical, and our recent round of funding will enable us to further develop our solution by integrating with other CAD/PLM, OEMs and technology partners and meet the needs of our clients.”

“By protecting and securing the design and IP for our customers, we are helping to advance our shared vision that all manufactured products in the future will have digital components’’, added Stephan Thomas, co-founder and Head of Business Development. ‘’Integrity of both the design and the manufacturing process itself are fundamental requirements as we shift to a digital world, and we believe that Identify3D is well-positioned with our financial and strategic partners to continue to fuel that vision.”

The new backing from Siemens is a significant landmark for Identify3D, as the venerable technology powerhouse is renowned for its efforts towards the digitization of industry. The collaboration is intended to establish an industry standard for secure digital manufacturing, as part of Siemens’ Digital Factory Division. Starting from December, integrations of Identify3D’s toolset will be available for Siemens' digital manufacturing clients, such as users of its CAD and PLM software. These integrations will first be demonstrated on-site at the EMO conference in Hannover, Germany, in September.

The considerable financial investment from Siemens will also enable Identify3D to expand its operations and distribute its pioneering software solutions further, taking advantage of the growing demand for digital manufacturing. According to analyst firm Research and Markets, the global digital manufacturing market will grow at a CAGR of 7.6% during the period 2016-2020. The majority of that growth will stem from the adoption of digital manufacturing into the supply chain in aerospace, defense and medical devices. Identify3D already has a significant client base in aerospace and defense, and is hoping to meet the needs of other advanced manufacturing sectors including power generation, oil and gas, transportation and healthcare.



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