Aug 29, 2017 | By Tess

Ionic3DP, a Singapore-based 3D printer startup, is preparing to launch its very first additive manufacturing system. Called Kappa, the new FDM/FFF desktop 3D printer is set to launch via Kickstarter this September.

In the ever growing desktop 3D printer market, it can sometimes be difficult to separate the duds from the successes, especially for those launched via crowdfunding campaigns. And while Ionic3DP’s first 3D printer will have to withstand the tests of both crowdfunding and maker critiques, our first glimpse at the FDM 3D printer does seem to show some promise.

What stands out most about the Kappa 3D printer is that it integrates (and might even be the first to do so) an improved version of the Scott Russell Exact Straight Line Mechanism, a setup often used in the automobile industry to ensure precise linear motions for robotic manipulators.

Adjusted Scott Russell Straight Line Mechanism

The Scott Russell Straight Line Mechanism traditionally consists of a short arm and a long arm which are each connected by one end to a vertical beam—the long arm can move along the beam while the short arm is attached and stationary.

The short arm’s other end is connected to the middle of the long arm, which enables the long arm to move up down the vertical beam in a precise linear motion. Ionic3DP adapted this structure by adding a a second long arm, which it says “provides additional support and ensures that the [3D printer] nozzle points in a downward direction at all times.”

“Moving both arms independently creates an additional motion to the existing implementation resulting in an improvement on the traditional Scott Russell design,” it adds.

The Kappa 3D printer is reportedly built from a unibody aluminum frame and boasts a build volume of 200 x 200 x 200 mm. Other specifications include a Z axis resolution of 50 to 350 microns, an X/Y axis resolution of 100 microns, a movement speed of between 0 and 200 mm/s, and an ideal print speed of 60 mm/s.

The 3D printer also comes with a detachable heated print bed and has a remarkably compact footprint (350 x 350 x 650 mm).

“Using the Design For Manufacturing (DFM) process and with more than two decades of experience in the 3D printer and hardware manufacturing industry, Kappa's functions have been optimized—right from production for customer satisfaction,” said the company in an early statement about the printer.

Seeing the team behind the Kappa 3D printer, we’re inclined to believe the hype, as the Ionic3DP team includes CEO and co-founder Shabbir Sultan Shamsuddin, a specialist in business and product development; co-founder and chief architect Feng Xuming, who has worked in the 3D printing industry for nearly 10 years; co-founder and CTO Francis Regan, an NUS graduate with five years of experience with FDM and SLA 3D printer startups; and Du Xinxin, an NUS Ph.D who specializes in Kinematics.

As mentioned, the new Kappa 3D printer is expected to launch on Kickstarter this September, where more details about the intriguing 3D printer are sure to be revealed. We do have some indication of what the price will be for the 3D printer, as Ionic3D says backers will be able to get their hands on a Kappa 3D printer for as little as $220. The regular price is listed as about $265.

Be sure to check back in September when the 3D printer officially launches.



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