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Dutch designer Rein van der Mast (also known as Pjotr) is at it again with a new 3D printed fountain pen, but this time he’s taking the technology into his own hands. The exquisite writing instrument was printed with an Ultimaker using a bronze filament from ColorFabb, and posted just recently on van der Mast’s website.

If you’re a fan of luxury fountain pens, you might know that van der Mast has been making waves for quite some time now in the world of 3D printed design. The Dutch designer’s original 3D printed fountain pen first crossed our radar back in 2013 as the first of its kind on the world. Then in November of 2016, the van der Mast unveiled his latest 3D printed creation: the Spica Virginis, made from 3D printed titanium and inspired by Virgo’s iconic ear of wheat.

Now, the Dutch designer has taken his 3D printing skills up a notch, and has even surprised himself with the results. Using his own design, van der Mast recently printed another Pjotr fountain pen using colorFabb’s bronzeFill 3D printing filament, and the results are impressive to say the least. The slender, glimmering piece is truly a collector’s item.

“Rein designed the pen himself and used an Ultimaker 2+ Extended with a 0.25mm nozzle to print this true piece of art. He patinated part of the surface to make it green,” explain colorFabb representatives. “Believe us if we say you have not seen or heard the last from Rein about this fantastic new development!”

Initially intended as an experiment, the resulting 3D print is said to have exceeded van der Mast’s expectations. ColorFabb reps note that the high printing resolution combined with careful post-processing were all part and parcel of the successful final product. The Dutch designer is now considering more commercial applications with the popular bronzeFill, with more news reportedly on the way.

As for colorFabb, the new van der Mast pen is pretty much the best promotion you can get for the company’s bronzeFill. Launched about 3 years ago, the special filament remains one of the most popular filaments offered by colorFabb due chiefly to its added weight and unique aesthetic properties. While colorFabb couldn’t possibly have seen this collaboration coming when they first launched their bronzeFill, team members are clearly overjoyed at the results. “Seeing a project like the fountain pen materialize with this filament is fantastic!” colorFabb reps note.



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