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Hobs Group, a British company headquartered in Liverpool, has received £4 million ($5.26M) in investment from the Business Growth Fund (BGF) to improve and expand its range of services, which include 3D printing, 3D scanning, and 3D visualization.

One of Hobs Studio's 3D printed architectural models

Back in May, we took a look at a fascinating project in London—a massive 3D printed model of a new real-world building development in East London. The 3D printed master plan, made using SLA 3D printers, showcased the under-construction Barking Riverside development, which will add 10,800 new homes to the site of a former power station.

Behind that impressive project was Hobs Studio, a British 3D solutions provider for clients in architecture, engineering, and construction, and one of the offshoots of the Hobs Group, a Liverpool-headquartered business group that also controls companies Hobs Repro, Hobs On-Site, and Anexsys.

It now looks like we’ll be seeing plenty more 3D printed master plans from Hobs Studio, because Hobs Group has just received a big £4 million investment from the Business Growth Fund, with whom Hobs Group first worked in 2014. That year, BGF invested £7 million in the group, and has now invested a total of £11 million.

Hobs Studio, a specialist in 3D printing, 3D scanning, and digital visualizations for architectural, engineering, construction, and product designers, operates from London, Manchester, Bristol, and Glasgow, while a new East London facility is due to open later this year. This site will purportedly contain more high-end additive manufacturing equipment.

Hobs Studio's 3D printed master plan of an East London housing development

“BGF were happy with the first investment and the 3D business has grown well—it will grow from £3.5m to £5m this year—and we will shortly be opening the new facility for 3D printing as we’ve run out of capacity at our existing location,” said Hobs Group chief executive James Duckenfield.

Hobs Studio claims to operate the largest SLA 3D printer in the UK, while the company also specializes in turning 2D drawings and blueprints into 3D printable models. The company offers an overnight turnaround on regular 3D printed models, printed either on its SLA machines or its color jet and multi jet printers.

In addition to its 3D printing and 3D scanning services, Hobs Studio also offers 3D visualization services, which are especially useful for clients in the field of architecture. (Though projects like the Barking Riverside master plan show that physical 3D printed models can be preferable to digital ones in some circumstances.)

Another 3D printed architectural model at Hobs Studio

(Images: Hobs Group)

The £4 million investment will help Hobs Group improve other areas of business besides its 3D operations at Hobs Studio. For example, funds are being set aside to improve AI-enhanced bid management systems and services at Hobs Repro and legal services at Hobs-owned Anexsys.

“Hobs is at the forefront of innovation in the 3D and specialist document-related services and has experienced solid growth since our investment,” commented BGF’s Neil Inskip, who sits on the board of Hobs Group. “We are backing a strong management team, led by James, that continues to deliver on its plans. We look forward to supporting the business through its next stage of growth.”



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