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Dutch company Innofil3D has launched a new ABS 3D printing filament in partnership with Polyscope Polymers, a Netherlands-based supplier of styrene maleic anhydride (SMA) and various polymer materials. Called ABS Fusion+, the new 3D printer filament is notable for its compatibility with water-soluble PVA supports.

Any maker who has worked with PVA soluble supports will know that they are much easier to use (and more effective) whilst working with PLA filament rather than with ABS, which is generally seen a more durable, versatile, and tough printing material than PLA.

This is owed largely to the challenges that ABS traditionally has with adhesion—if you’ve used tape or other build plate adhesives to make your print stick properly, you’ll be well versed on this.

As a potential solution to this ABS problem, Innofil3D and Polyscope Polymers have introduced ABS Fusion+, a new filament that possesses the quality and printability of ABS as well as good adhesion properties.

“ABS Fusion+ is a genuine solution for users with demanding 3D printing applications because of its adhesion to water soluble support, building plates and low warping which allows for hassle-free printing of technical, functional parts,” reads a press release about the new product.

How have the two Dutch companies managed to integrate this useful adhesion property into a printable ABS filament? Simply by adding Polyscope’s trademarked XILOY 3D material to the mixture.

As Innofil3D explains, most ABS filaments currently on the market are made from “general-purpose injection molding” ABS grades, meaning that while they have good strength, the filaments are not as optimized for 3D printing as they could be.

By integrating XILOY 3D into the filament, however, Innofil3D and Polyscope say they have created an engineering filament which actually is developed and optimized for 3D printing.

“Our extensive knowledge of the properties and benefits of SMA has enabled us to develop an SMA/ABS based compound for the technical FDM market—XILOY™ 3D—providing the same benefits, such as adhesion to glass bed and support material,” said Paul van den Heuvel, Polyscope’s manager of Market & Application Development.

The technical ABS filament will be officially released at the upcoming TCT show in Birmingham, UK, held from September 26 to 28. Consumers will be able to purchase the filament in either 1.75 mm or 2.85 mm diameter and choose from a limited range of colors (black, natural, and grey).

Roger Sijlbing, Sales Manager at Innofil3D, said of the new product: “With this initiative we want professional users to experience that the ability to FDM 3D printed end-parts is near and together we can unlock the full benefit of 3D printing for professional applications. Our strategy to optimize engineering filaments for 3D printing is becoming more and more a reality.”

Founded in 2014 as a branch of Applied Polymer Innovations, Innofil3D was recently acquired by German chemicals company BASF.



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