Sep 25, 2017 | By Tess

Polymaker, a manufacturer of 3D printing materials, has just launched it latest product: PolyBox. The new 3D printer accessory, which is retailing for $69.99, is a dry storage box that is designed to keep your printing filaments dry and safe from humidity.

As many makers will know, filaments for FDM 3D printing are relatively easy to work with, provided they are kept dry and untainted by such elements as moisture. Working in a humid environment (we’re talking more than 20 per cent humidity) can cause plastic filaments to absorb water molecules which boil and ruin the filament once it is processed through the 3D printer’s hot end.

So, if you’ve ever had trouble with bubbles in your prints, or inconsistent layers and poor surface finish, moisture might just be the culprit, especially if you are working with PVA or Nylon-based filaments. (PLA, Polycarbonate, and ABS are less absorbent than the aforementioned filaments but are still hygroscopic materials.)

The PolyBox is Polymaker’s solution to the humidity problem for filament-based 3D printing, as it offers a dry storage environment in which filaments can be kept and fed to the 3D printer.

The product, very much resembling a box, is built to accommodate either two standard spools of filament or one 3 kg spool for longer print jobs. The PolyBox is equipped with four bearing clad steel rods which enable the two filament spools to move separately, allowing for dual extrusion 3D printing.

The device also includes six different filament feeding holes to allow for different orientations with your 3D printer, and 150 cm of filament guiding tube, which reportedly ensures that the filament is kept protected and moisture-free until it reaches the 3D printer’s hot end.

Notably, the box does more than just store the filaments in a protected space, as it integrates a large desiccant bag in its base that actually draws moisture from the PolyBox and effectively traps it.

“This cheap, simple solution provides a dry environment to store and print filaments and the desiccants can be dried and reused once they have reached their maximum water absorption,” says the company.

Moreover, users can monitor and keep track of the PolyBox and its moisture levels using a handy (and high precision) thermo-hygrometer that is built into the system.

At $69.99 (also €69.99), Polymaker’s PolyBox won’t be for every maker, but if you’ve had it with spoiled prints and humidity-ruined filaments, you might consider checking out the protective device. It might be worth the investment in terms of saved filament.

The new PolyBox 3D printer accessory is available as of today.



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