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Netherlands-based 3D printer company FELIXprinters has launched its latest FDM 3D printer at the TCT Show in Birmingham, UK. The FELIX Tec 4 follows the FELIX Tec 3, and is available in single and dual extruder models.

The TCT Show is one of the biggest events in the 3D printing calendar, and this week could be a busy one in terms of new printers, new materials, and new accessories. Dutch company FELIXprinters has made the short journey to Birmingham for the 3D printing event, launching its FELIX Tec 4 3D printer there.

According to FELIXprinters, the development process behind the Tec 4 was a lengthy one, with ideas bounced back and forth between partners, resellers, end-users, and the company itself.

“We have learned a lot during the time we have spent on talking about possible features and technologies and I think we have developed a 3D printer with great potential,” commented Guillaume Feliksdal, Head of Engineering at FELIXprinters.

One feature that was decided upon during R&D was a faster calibration process. Able to get the Tec 4 up and running “within minutes,” the new semi-automatic calibration system uses a high-sensitivity sensor to detect an unbalanced build plate, with the printer then able to correct itself.

Another handy addition to the Tec 4 is its removable flexible build plate. At the end of a print, this build plate can be removed and bent slightly by hand, which helps the printed object to “pop off” the plate.

Other new elements include metal hot-ends, LED lights, better cooling, and improved wiring.

In terms of basic specs, the Tec 4 has a build volume of 255 x 205 x 225 mm, a minimum layer height of 50 microns, and a speed of up to 150 mm/s. It uses NEMA 17 stepper motors, and is compatible with PLA, PET (G), Wood, HIPS, ABS, and several other FDM filaments.

“We wanted to release a product which contains features that truly have value for our existing but also our future customers,” Feliksdal said.

But the redesign of the Tec 3D printer goes beyond adding new and improved components. It’s also been designed with a new philosophy: making printing as easy as possible, even for novice users.

FELIXprinters says its aim with the Tec 4 “is to provide new customers with the same smooth and efficient 3D printing experience as experienced users,” and this approach can be seen in smaller adjustments to the 3D printer.

Fortunately for existing FELIXprinters customers, the Tec 4 is also available as an upgrade kit. That means owners of the Tec 3 don’t need to buy an entire new 3D printer; instead, they can get their hands on a DIY upgrade kit and implement the new components into their old setup. FELIXprinters can even carry out this upgrade for customers.

The FELIX Tec 4 is being showcased at the TCT Show. Visitors can check out the new 3D printer, as well as a number of objects printed on it, until September 28.

Pre-orders can be placed from today, and customers have a number of options, listed below.

  • DIY kit, single extruder: €1,099 ($1,300)
  • DIY kit, dual extruder: €1,229 ($1,540)
  • Assembled, single extruder: €1,499 ($1,775)
  • Assembled, dual extruder: €1,649 ($1,950)



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