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The expansion of the 3D printing industry continues on a global scale, and the Far East is one of the regions where it has recently been gaining a real foothold. UK-based 3D printing materials company Haydale Graphene Industries is the latest company to take advantage of this progress. It has made its first ever sales in China, thanks to a partnership with shareholder Everpower.

The shift in global manufacturing power towards China is something that many Western 3D printing companies are well placed to benefit from, and many others have recently made a foray into the Chinese market, although the consumer 3D printer market is still the main area of investment.

China’s biggest 3D printer companies in terms of revenue include EOS, based in Germany; Stratasys and Solidscape, both based in the US; and the UK’s Renishaw. ZRapid is the only Chinese 3D printer manufacturer with any real presence in the region, but this could change in the upcoming years. The government’s Made in China 2025 program has been a major factor influencing the growth of 3D printing sales.

Haydale is a global technologies and materials group that facilitates the integration of nanomaterials into the next generation of commercial technologies and industrial materials, with 3D printing technology being one area of expertise. It has already made sales in the U.S., and is now poised to crack the Chinese market.

Haydale’s PLA filaments are based on graphene, an atomic-scale honeycomb lattice made of carbon atoms. It has been heralded by some as one of the most promising new 3D printing materials, as it offers a number of advantages over regular PLA and could help move FDM 3D printing technology from prototyping to large-scale industrial printing.

This recent sale is set to generate revenue of around £50,000 ($67,000). Another £110,000 ($148,000) will be raised by the sale of silicon carbide fibers (SiCs). The SiCs were tested by Everpower in May for use in the repair and corrosion protection of pipes in the oil and gas industry. SiCs add strength, wear, and heat resistance when mixed with other products.

According to Haydale’s Chief Executive, Ray Gibbs, “The supply of SiC offers Everpower a unique material that can be used in a range of applications such as cutting tools, oil and gas pipe repairs and scratch resistant coatings for cookware. We are particularly pleased that this sale of SiC follows other recently announced new long-term SiC contract wins and demonstrates the benefits of our investments in sales and marketing. With this first AM PLA order from Everpower and with our enhanced range of additive manufacturing products being launched today, we anticipate an ongoing and closer collaboration.“

The sale of Haydale’s materials by Everpower is initially on a test basis, and if they are applied successfully, more orders should be forthcoming and the company should be able to generate even more revenue and extend its international influence. A newly expanded portfolio of additive manufacturing products, due to be demonstrated by Haydale at this year’s TCT conference in Birmingham, should also contribute to this growth.



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