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Chinese company Intamsys Technology Co. Ltd. is one of the many 3D printer manufacturers attending this year’s TCT Show in Birmingham, UK. And while the company isn’t rolling out any major new products, it has announced a number of updates to its recently released FUNMAT HT 3D printer.

The FUNMAT HT 3D printer was released earlier this year at CES 2017, with Intamsys marketing the machine as well suited for use with PEEK 3D printing materials. Now, in time for the TCT Show, the Chinese additive manufacturing company has updated a few aspects of its product.

For one, it has improved the printer’s extruder temperature: whereas previously the FUNMAT HT printer’s extruder could reach temperatures of up to 430°C, it is now equipped to reach 450°C.

Dental arch 3D printed from PEEK on FUNMAT HT 3D printer

Additionally, the 3D printer’s chamber temperature has been heightened, increasing from 70°C to 90°C. Both these temperature enhancements will reportedly enable the FUNMAT HT to better 3D print with high-performance materials such as PEEK, ULTEM, and PPSU.

All three of the aforementioned materials are highly sought after in the FDM 3D printing sector, as they have a broad range of functional applications in the aerospace, automotive, industrial, oil and gas, dental, and medical sectors.

Drill component 3D printed from PEEK on FUNMAT HT 3D printer

It should be noted that the 3D printer is also compatible with a range of engineering thermoplastic materials, including Nylon-Carbon Fiber, PC-ABS, PC, ASA, ABS, TPU, and more.

One of Intamsys’ clients, automotive seating manufacturer SAIC Yanfeng, has shown how it has used the FUNMAT HT 3D printer with high performance materials to create vital parts for its seating inspection systems.

Polycarbonate automotive seating inspection gauge

More specifically, SAIC Yanfeng has used 3D printing technology to create size control units of inspection gauges for automotive seating. According to the company, additive manufacturing allowed it to reduce the gauge’s components from five down to a single part, which has helped increase development and production times.

In addition to its updated FUNMAT HT 3D printer, Intamsys is also showcasing its new and improved FUNMAT PRO 3D printer at the TCT Show. The new 3D printer, which will be officially released this October, integrates a constant temperature chamber, which will enable users to “achieve greater reliability when 3D printing large-size and full-size objects in Nylon-Carbon fiber, PC-ABS, and PC.”

Drone part 3D printed from Nylon-Carbon Fiber on FUNMAT HT 3D printer

Compared to the FUNMAT HT, the FUNMAT PRO 3D printer offers a significantly larger build chamber (with a max build volume of 450 x 450 x 600 mm vs. 260 x 260 x 260 mm).

The TCT Show is almost over, but visitors are welcome to see the updated 3D printers in action there. The company has also hinted that it will be releasing something big this November, so stay tuned.

Industrial propeller 3D printed from PPSU on FUNMAT HT



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