Oct 2, 2017 | By Benedict

Chinese 3D printing company Farsoon Technologies has announced the development of the FS1000P, a large-format 3D printer made with the company’s Continuous Additive Manufacturing Solution (CAMS) technology. The first commercial FS1000P will be ready for the TCT Asia show in 2018.

Last week, we discovered that Chinese company XDM has developed the XDM750, which it says is the world’s largest selective laser melting (SLM) 3D printer for printing with metals. Now it looks like another Chinese company is going to steal the crown for the largest selective laser sintering (SLS) 3D printer for printing with nylon.

Billed as the “first step” in a new Continuous Additive Manufacturing Solution (CAMS) concept, the FS1000P is a new large-format SLS 3D printer being developed by Farsoon Technologies, an additive manufacturing company that last year announced plans to target the North American 3D printing market.

Farsoon says the FS1000P is being developed to address the “growing movement of the additive industry into true manufacturing,” and to accommodate a growing interest in Industry 4.0. The Chinese company says the vision of CAMS is to offer continuous AM production “through vertical scalability and modularization,” allowing 3D printing to be brought into any industrial manufacturing facility.

“As an industrial-focused AM company, Farsoon is committed to shifting the mindset of what additive manufacturing can become,” said Farsoon founder and chairman Dr. Xu Xiaoshu.

The simplest visible “shift” will be SLS 3D printing on a much grander scale, appropriate for a variety of industry applications. Farsoon is aiming to make the FS1000P the largest plastic powder bed 3D printer on the market, with a 1,000 x 500 x 500 mm build volume.

Those large prints will be complemented by high temperatures, with the FS1000P purportedly able to achieve a build chamber temperature of up to 220°C. This will allow the printing of materials like PA6, PA12, and TPU.

Marketed squarely at industry, the FS1000P will be optimized for continuous batch production, with the printer also incorporating fully digital multi-laser and scanner systems. These features will allow for continuous 3D printing with virtually no downtime between builds.

The aforementioned modularity of the new Farsoon SLS 3D printer will comprise powder handling, part breakout, and post-processing modules.

Companies might also want to make space for another large machine, because Farsoon says it also plans to use its CAMS concept to make a large-scale metal 3D printer in the "near future.”

Visitors to formnext 2017 in Frankfurt will be able to learn more about the forthcoming FS1000P, which should be ready for commercial launch by the time the TCT Asia show rolls around in March 2018.



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