Oct 5, 2017 | By Tess

I’ve seen some pretty wacky things on the subway in my life, though I don’t think any come close to this. Chinese maker Naomi “SexyCyborg” Wu, known for her provocative 3D printed wearables, has built a 3D printer backpack which she wore while riding the subway!

The wearable 3D printer, which is a sort of hybrid between a Delta 3D printer and a baby carrier, really takes portable and mobile 3D printing to a whole new level—one that we can get behind.

And while I might not recommend making your own backpack 3D printer to create top quality prints (unless you’re able to glide-walk), Wu’s project is a novel one and encapsulates the maker’s creative spirit.

Wu was inspired to make the wearable 3D printer after additive manufacturing company BIQU reached out to her for a sponsored video. Not willing to totally compromise her aesthetic and maker philosophy, Wu agreed on the grounds that she could feature the printer in one of her videos.

The result might not be what BIQU expected, but we sure have enjoyed it and, ultimately, it does demonstrate the remarkable conditions its Delta-style 3D printer will function in.

Wu takes us through the wearable 3D printer’s construction in her latest Youtube post, from dismantling and minimizing the baby carrier (too many straps!), to drilling into the 3D printer’s frame to attach it securely to carrier.

To keep the 3D printer as steady as possible, Wu also 3D printed a triangular part that would fit over the baby carrier’s bottom bar and act as a base for the 3D printer. The 3D printer was attached to the base with three screws, and was secured at the top of the carrier with long and swivel screws.

Impressively, Wu also mounted two 3 Ah batteries onto the baby carrier using custom-designed clamps that she 3D printed. The batteries made it possible for the 3D printer to be operated while worn.

The best part of Wu’s video is undoubtedly when we see her taking the backpack 3D printer out for a spin—standing with it on the subway, walking it up the escalator, and around the city. Though we don’t get a clear visual of the part that is being 3D printed while she walks around, it is possible to discern a small pink shape growing through the course of her journey, meaning that the mobile 3D printer actually works!

You can learn more about how Wu constructed the wearable 3D printer in the video below:

Check out more of Naomi “SexyCyborg” Wu’s 3D printed wearable projects:



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Julia wrote at 10/10/2017 2:04:06 AM:

Tinkercad FTW!

Jon S wrote at 10/6/2017 6:43:01 AM:

Ultimaker had people walking around with backpack printers at the Bay Area Maker Faire several years ago.

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