Oct 6, 2017 | By Tess

French ceramic 3D printing company 3DCeram has entered into a new alliance with Japanese industrial manufacturer Sinto. 3DCeram is confident that the partnership will enable it to not only improve its technologies, but also expand into the Asian and American markets, where Sinto is already prevalent.

Based in Limoges, France, 3DCeram has become a key player in the field of ceramic 3D printing, developing materials and processes for the novel technology. Notably, the company has pushed forward the notion that 3D printed ceramics can have applications beyond pottery and home decoration, and can be used in the aerospace, defense, biomedical, automotive, and luxury goods industry.

Sinto, a Japanese leader in foundry equipment manufacturing, seems to be on the same page about the potential of 3D printed ceramics and will support 3DCeram in its continued growth. In fact, the Limoges-based company has suggested that Sinto will help it in increasing its production capacity for ceramic 3D printers.

Notably, 3DCeram is hoping to benefit from Sinto’s established reputation in the Asian and American markets so that it can accelerate and expand its ceramic 3D printing exports.

“This agreement for the acquisition of a majority stake crowns our efforts to build a successful SME and reinforces our role as responsible managers, attentive to the sustainability of 3DCeram in France and internationally, with the will to grow our teams,” commented Christophe Chaput and Richard Gaignon, co-leaders of 3DCeram.

Ceramic parts 3D printed by 3DCeram

“This [agreement] allows us to seamlessly consider the future with even more solid funding, to continue our growth, and to offer our customers ‘360° optimized solutions,’ built on long-term partnerships,” they added.

3DCeram, which currently employs 20 people at its French headquarters, has seen significant growth since its founding. In 2016, for instance, the company experienced a turnover of around two million euros, and saw a 70% overall growth upon 2015.

It currently has operations in a number of countries including France, the UK, Ukraine, Russia, China, South Korea, and Japan. By partnering with Sinto, the company will surely continue to grow its presence and stake in the Asian market, and even perhaps break onto the U.S. market.

“We have been working in a relationship of trust with our employees and partners for the past eight years, which has enabled us to achieve our growth objectives, and we thank them for that," 3DCeram said. "Today we choose to move on to a new stage in our history in order to ensure a sustainable expansion with the support of the Sinto team, which we know share the same entrepreneurial spirit that drives us on a daily basis. It will accompany us in the pursuit of our projects.”

3DCeram's CERAMAKER 3D printer

From Sinto’s perspective, the Japanese firm is reportedly eager to add 3D printing technology to its repertoire and will benefit from the partnership with 3DCeram.



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