Oct 9, 2017 | By Benedict

Canadian company peel 3d is preparing to launch a budget professional-grade 3D scanner. The entry-level scanner features automatic shape recognition and “robust” software. It costs $5,900.

By claiming to have come up with an “industry-first” solution to your 3D scanning, Canada’s peel 3d isn’t beating around the bush. The solution in question consists of an affordable, professional-grade 3D scanner—in the price bracket of an entry-level device but with the purported functionality of a more expensive scanner.

“In today's marketplace, many professionals—from designers to engineers to educational professionals—are looking for 3D scanners that are affordable, but also offer 3D scanning capabilities that go beyond the simplistic, entry-level products currently on the market,” says François Leclerc, head of peel 3d.

The forthcoming peel 3d scanner “goes beyond” the competition by offering features like automatic shape recognition, immediate file export, “robust” software, and compatibility with stick-on targets to improve scanning accuracy. Nothing totally unheard of then, but still a reasonable number of boxes ticked for the affordable device.

How affordable, exactly? $5,900 is the expected retail price for the peel 3d scanner. That’s a little more than EinScan Pro+ ($4,999), one of the more advanced entry-level 3D scanners on the market, but significantly less than the ~$15,000 required to buy the Artec Eva.

Bear in mind, however, that fairly well-known companies like XYZPrinting now offer handheld scanners in the $200 range, reflecting the growing affordability of 3D scanning technology.

In its favor, the peel 3d scanner does claim to work on a “wide variety of surfaces.” This, the company says, makes it suitable for a range of purposes, including reverse engineering and design, science and education, art, heritage preservation, and human body scanning.

The somewhat mysterious peel 3d (its website promises a bigger reveal on October 10, and its press release was fairly vague) is part of Quebec-based Creaform, a scanning technology company founded in 2002. Creaform is part of AMETEK, a Pennsylvania-based global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices.

Since the website is on hold, technical details are in scarce supply. However, the YouTube video below at least gives a picture of what the 3D scanner looks like and how it is operated.

“The beauty of peel 3d is that although it is a budget-friendly 3D scanner, it truly packs a punch in terms of functionalities and performance,” Leclerc adds. “The entire team is thrilled to bring a more compelling 3D scanning offering to the entry-level market.”



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