Oct 16, 2017 | By Tess

Oregon-based designer Seth Aaron, whom most will know as the winner of Project Runway’s seventh season, has debuted his latest fashion collection at Portland fashion event FashionNXT. Inspired by Japanese looks from the 60s, the collection consists of minimalist dresses, tops, trousers, and, most notably, eye-grabbing 3D printed shoes.

We first got wind that Seth Aaron would be designing 3D printed shoes during the summer, and we’ve been eagerly awaiting the official products since. And now that we’ve got our first glimpse of what the 3D printed shoes look like, we're itching to get a pair of them for ourselves.

For his collection, Aaron designed two pairs of shoes: the “Tokyo Platform” and the “Osaka Oxford,” both of which were 3D printed in partnership with Feetz, a San Diego startup specializing in custom 3D printed footwear.

3D printed "Tokyo Platform," $175 from Feetz

3D printed "Osaka Oxford," $175 from Feetz

Both shoe designs, which stand out for their contrasting black and white motifs, were inspired by Japanese fashion from the 1960s as well as the block-heel of traditional Japanese footwear. By combining these vintage looks with additive manufacturing technology, Aaron and Feetz have created two pairs of unique shoes that resonate in our contemporary fashion world.

The best part? You can actually buy a pair of the 3D printed shoes from Feetz and have them tailored to your feet. Both the Tokyo Platform and its more casual counterpart the Osaka Oxford can be ordered via Feetz for $175 a pair. The latter is available for both men and women, and both styles can be ordered in sizes 4 through 20 (with the additional choice of using Feetz’s ​SizeMe​ ​CustomFit​ ​option).

Aaron, who is known for his innovative and eco-friendly fashion designs, has adopted 3D printing with sustainability in mind. As he explains, “As the father of two children, I care about the world we leave them. The shoes are made from recycled and recyclable products. At the end of their life, we don’t toss them into a landfill, we make them into new shoes.”

More than just using eco-friendly materials, however, the shoes will be manufactured on a made-to-order basis at Feetz’s facility, meaning that no material will be wasted through mass production and the product won’t require any warehouse storage or maintenance.

“This marks a new design paradigm, enabling footwear and accessories designers the opportunity to launch new designs without the worry for up front capital, having to edit their creative vision for a general mass consumer, or minimum orders in sized inventory,” added Lucy Beard, founder of Feetz.

In addition to the 3D printed designer shoes, Aaron and Feetz have also collaborated on two pieces of 3D printed jewelry: the Sapporo Bangle and the Kobe Cuff. Both wrist accessories are available in a single size and in two color options (black and white). These accessories can also be purchased online through Feetz for $25 apiece.

From the sounds of it, Aaron has really taken to 3D printed fashion, and perhaps we will see more from the prolific designer in the additive field. “Whatever I can design, Feetz can create,” said Aaron. “We went from concept to the runway and street in eight weeks, while fashion design traditionally needs to allow for six months.”



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