Oct 19, 2017 | By Tess

New Matter, the 3D printer startup that brought us the low-cost MOD-t desktop printer in 2014, is now back and better than ever with the launch of its second-generation MOD-t.

Available via Kickstarter for as little as $199 (super early bird deals for $149 are already all gone), the new desktop 3D printer boasts the same sleek and user-friendly design as its predecessor but adds some new features that improve its functionality significantly.

“With the MOD-t (2nd Gen), we’re raising the bar for desktop 3D printers the world over—especially for the next generation of critical thinkers and problem solvers,” said Steve Schell, CEO and co-founder of New Matter. “We were humbled by the outpouring of support for our original record-breaking crowdfunding campaign and are excited to bring the new MOD-t to the community through this new campaign.”

According to New Matter, its new 3D printer boasts a 30 per cent faster print speed than the first-generation MOD-t 3D printer, as well as 50 per cent quieter operation and stronger WiFi connectivity.

These improvements are owed to a number of tweaks and updates to the 3D printer’s hardware, including a new “dual processing architecture,” which encompasses the printer’s motor control, trajectory planning, and data transfer management; a new dual fan cooling system which is built to “optimize thermal performance” and cut back on noise; and more.

New Matter also says it has improved its original patented XY motion system which did away with the need for manual calibration and pesky bed leveling by automating it. On the new MOD-t 3D printer, a build tray is added to the system, which reportedly improves the overall resolution of prints.

From an aesthetic perspective, the new 3D printer looks almost identical to its predecessor, which is absolutely fine since the first MOD-t was notable for its sleek and stylish frame. The main difference is that the new printer boasts a fully sealed printing environment, which has not only helped to reduce the operating noises, but effectively eliminates draft and contains the build chamber’s heat better.

“New Matter has made tremendous progress since the launch of the original MOD-t and we’re thrilled to build on that momentum with the Kickstarter campaign," commented Bill Gross, co-founder of New Matter. "We're exhilarated at the opportunity to bring the MOD-t (2nd Gen) with all of its new features to even more educators and consumers alike, all of whom will undoubtedly come to appreciate its simplicity, reliability, and the elegance of its design.”

Indeed, the 3D printer’s user-friendliness and extremely low cost make it a perfectly viable option for schools looking to invest in 3D printing technology without going over budget, as well as for people who may be new to 3D printing technology but want to try it out at home.

With its new 3D printer, New Matter is also launching “My New Matter,” the second-generation version of its online 3D printing platform and community. Through the new cloud-based system, users can easily control their MOD-t 3D printers remotely (via smartphone, tablet, etc), and can connect to friends and people in their network to share 3D models and more.

Through its Kickstarter campaign, Pasadena-based New Matter is aiming to raise $100,000 to bring its new MOD-t 3D printer to market. So far it has raised just over $50,000 and has already exhausted its super early bird deal.

Interested backers can still snatch up the regular early bird deal for $199, which includes a MOD-t 3D printer, one spool of PLA filament, and a print surface plate. The regular backer price for the 3D printer is set at $249. Shipping for the new MOD-t 3D printer is expected to begin in Spring 2018 if the Kickstarter is a success.



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Tom McBaum wrote at 10/21/2017 4:45:37 AM:

LOL, the smoke looks like it's coming from the printer in a few scenes.

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