Oct 20, 2017 | By Tess

Israeli 3D bioprinting company CollPlant Holdings Ltd. has announced it will be moving ahead with the development of implantable 3D printed organs. The announcement follows a significant investment from Alpha Capital, the foreign investment company owned by Austrian billionaire Martin Schlaff.

Earlier this year, CollPlant announced it had filed patents in the U.S. for a bioink which could be used to 3D print human tissues and organs.

With the company’s recent investment from Alpha Capital (which reportedly totalled $5 million), the Israel-based firm says it is now better equipped to develop and bring to market its 3D bioprintable organs.

Yehiel Tal, CEO of CollPlant, commented on the investment: “We are pleased to have signed a definitive agreement with this US investor. This transaction, once closed, and in combination with potential, additional funds from current investors, will increase our financial stability and allow us to progress our strategic plan more rapidly.”

CollPlant’s bioprinted tissues are based on its rhCollagen technology, the company’s proprietary method for transforming plant-based products into tissue that can be used in humans for such things as tissue regeneration.

More specifically, the company has found a way to make plants (such as tobacco plants) produce human collagen, the most common protein in the human body. The CollPlant research team has also chemically modified the collagen of the bioink so that it stays in liquid form while the ink substance it is contained in is also liquid.

This feature essentially means that the collagen-based bioink can be processed through a bioprinter and built up into scaffold and other implantable structures.

Martin Schlaff

The novel process has enabled CollPlant to introduce various bioprinting solutions, such as VergenixSTR and VergenixFG, which are already being sold in Europe.

Excitingly, with the company’s most recent announcement, it seems that we could perhaps see CollPlant’s first 3D printed artificial organ sometime in the near future.

“We believe that our unique tissue repair technology may represent a potential paradigm shift in the field of regenerative medicine, and we look forward to raising CollPlant’s profile and expanding our shareholder base through an up-listing to the NASDAQ Exchange,” commented Tal.

CollPlant has also announced it has signed a strategic partnership with a “leading medical instruments company.” Though the partner has remained unnamed, CollPlant says the pair will work together on a six-month program to develop a prototype for a 3D bioprinted implant based on the unnamed company's technology.



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