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Desktop Metal has announced it will begin taking international pre-orders for its innovative desktop metal 3D printing “Studio System.” The Burlington, Massachusetts-based company has gained significant attention over the past year, since it announced the commercial release of its much anticipated desktop metal 3D printing technology.

With the launch of international pre-orders, Desktop Metal is inviting companies from across Europe, Asia Pacific, Canada, and Mexico to invest in its desktop metal 3D printing systems, specifically its Studio System, which is heralded as the first “office-friendly metal 3D printing system for rapid prototyping.”

Desktop Metal's Studio System for metal 3D printing

The technology, which boasts a much lower cost than competing metal 3D printing systems (as much as 10 times cheaper, reportedly), consists of a 3D printer, a debinder, and a sintering furnace. In combination, these three pieces of equipment allow users to 3D print and manufacture complex metal parts in a both time and cost efficient manner.

To enable its international expansion, Desktop Metal has already established strategic partnerships with a number of resellers across the globe, including in Canada, Mexico, Germany, France, Italy, and the UK. Currently, Desktop Metal has a network of 66 sales partners and resellers.

Through these resellers, the company says it Studio System 3D printing technology will be available as soon as mid 2018. Within the United States, the company is already preparing to ship its first orders out to buyers in the coming weeks.

“We plan to begin offering our metal 3D printing technology internationally and will be accelerating production to meet worldwide demand, first for our Studio System and later for our Production System,” said Ric Fulop, CEO and co-founder of Desktop Metal.

The 3D printer component of the Studio System, which also comprises a debinder and sintering furnace

Desktop Metal was founded in 2015 by a diverse team of prolific engineers and developers. Since its founding, the company has been something of a darling in the metal 3D printing industry, as it successfully raised over $210 million in investments and has secured such high profile investors as GE, Google, BMW, and Lowe’s.

BMW Group, notably, will become the first international company to receive one of Desktop Metal’s 3D printing systems. The automotive giant will also partake in an evaluation initiative for Desktop Metal’s technology. The company is ultimately hoping to leverage Desktop Metal’s technology to further adopt metal 3D printing in the automotive industry.

“Currently, we are further expanding the use of metal additive manufacturing in multiple applications,” said Jens Ertel, head of BMW Group’s Munich-based Additive Manufacturing Center. “We are looking into uncovering the potential for both the Studio System for functional prototypes and the Production System for high-speed prototyping and mass production of BMW Group automotive parts.”

Desktop Metal’s Studio System technology was released earlier this year for the remarkably low cost of between $49,900 and $120,000. The company’s second product, the DM Production System, which is marketed as the fastest 3D printing system for mass producing high resolution metal parts, is set to begin shipping in the U.S. in 2018.



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