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In more exciting news from formnext 2017, American metal 3D printing company Xact Metal has announced a new mid-sized metal 3D printer: the XM300. The machine is the company’s second 3D printing product, following its original XM200 laser-based metal 3D printer which was introduced in June 2017.

The new 3D printer offers a greater build volume than the XM200 counterpart (with dimensions of 254 z 330 x 300 mm) but utilizes the same laser-based powder bed fusion technology that Xact is known for.

The patent-pending technology, called Xact Core technology, is described by Matt Woods, CTO of Xact Metal, as being a “highly scalable gantry system platform that allows light, simple mirrors to move quickly and consistently above the powder bed on the X-Y axis.”

Moreover, Xact Core technology integrates a multi-laser system of either two or four high-precision independent fiber laser, which enables faster printing speeds (up to four times faster with four lasers in use). Woods adds that the XM300 metal 3D printer has twin feed chambers, which also helps to increase speed and overall productivity.

“Our machine uses two translating mirrors that deflect the beam to different locations without varying the angles of incidence, keeping the beam orthogonal to the entire build surface,” Woods added. “This generates uniform part properties without compromising on effective fusing speed of up to 1.5 m/sec.”

The XM300 therefore offers the same impressive print speed as the XM200 3D printer, but offers users a significantly larger build volume, making the printer better suited for large-scale part development and production.

Another thing the new 3D printer has in common with its predecessor? Its relatively accessible cost. That is, while the XM200 is priced at the (relatively) low cost of $120,000 and has a build volume of 127 x 127 x 125 mm, the much larger XM300 is still available for a price point between $400,000 and $600,000. Obviously, it’s no small chunk of change, but for an industrial metal 3D printing system, it’s pretty affordable.

Xact Metal's XM200 3D printer, announced in June 2017

CEO of Xact Metal Juan Mario Gomez, stated: “Priced between $400,000–$600,000 USD depending on the number of lasers, we are confident that the XM300 will create a new benchmark for price and performance in the metal Additive Manufacturing industry, boosting adoption rate of metal 3D printing across many industries.”

Additionally, though the 3D printer is marketed as a mid-sized metal 3D printer, the machine itself has a small footprint compared to competing industrial systems. This factor, Gomez says, will also help to make the XM300 more accessible, as clients can benefit from easy installation and maintenance.

Pennsylvania-based Xact Metal is currently exhibiting its metal 3D printing technology at formnext in Frankfurt, Germany. The company’s first 3D printer, the XM200, is expected to begin shipping in spring 2018, while its most recent release, the XM300, will ship as of fall 2018.



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