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With Thanksgiving around the corner, shoppers—and especially tech shoppers—are getting ready to open up their wallets for great deals on all types of hardware, software, games, accessories, and more.

Already, tech giants like Apple have announced discounts to some of their products, but makers and 3D printer enthusiasts will be extra happy to hear that many of their favourite 3D printing products will also be discounted for Black Friday, as well as Cyber Monday and “Blue Friday,” which, incidentally, is today!

First off, let’s take a peek at what’s on offer today for Blue Friday, MatterHackers’ annual 3D printing sale, which the 3D printer and materials supplier says is “3D printing’s biggest sale of the year.”

To mark the fourth annual Blue Friday, Matterhackers has announced 10% to 20% discounts on its entire store. We’re looking at 15% all 3D printing filaments, 10% off E3D printer upgrades, and a whopping $500 off the LulzBot Taz 6 3D printer.

Other notable deals offered by Matterhackers include a $405 discount on the BCN Sigma 3D printer, 15% off the Pulse 3D printer, and up to $470 off the Raise3D 3D printer. You can see the company’s full Blue Friday offering here.

If you’re not quite ready to spend all your 3D printing budget today, there are also some good sales coming up next week for Black Friday. MakerBot, for instance, will feature the following promotion: get a large 10-pack of PLA free with the purchase of a Replicator+ 3D printer and MakeCare Preferred software.

LulzBot TAZ 6 3D printer

LulzBot marketing reps have said that this year’s Black Friday will offer the “biggest sale ever on LulzBot 3D printers and accessories,” though specifics have not been released yet. Similarly, filament manufacturer Ninjatek and 3D printer company MakerGear have divulged they will be applying discounts for the shopping holiday but haven’t disclosed details. We’ll be sure to update when there is more information from them.

Here are some more 3D printing deals for Black Friday that we do know about: the Tinkerine Ditto PRO 3D printer will be available on Black Friday and Cyber Monday with a 10% discount and will come with a free Essentials Certification from Tinkerine U.

Customers can also benefit from a 20% discount if they purchase two Type A Machine Series 1 Pro 3D printers, as well as additional discounts on heated bed assemblies, Type A Machines’ tungsten carbide tip hotend, and filaments.

Tinkerine Ditto Pro 3D printer

Airwolf3D has announced that buyers can get up to 16% off on its Axiom 3D printer series, which includes a 13.5% discount on the Axiom Dual 3D printer, bringing the price down to $4,495; a 15% discount on the Axiom-E 3D printer ($2,695); and 16% off the Axiom Single 3D printer, down to $3,495. You can find more information about Airwolf3D’s Black Friday sales here.

Monoprice, known best for its generic branded electronics, also has some notable Black Friday deals on its website, including free shipping on select 3D printers, as well as an early, limited release of its Mini Delta 3D printer for $160 (which is expected to officially launch in April 2018. Monoprice will also have 20% discounts on most of its stock, which includes cables, computers, gaming, electronics, and more.

SparkFun Electronics, an online retailer of electronic parts, will be hosting its own Black Friday event, which will feature 20% discounts on most of its products, a $20 discount on the new SparkFun Inventor’s Kit, and $500 off the TAZ 6 3D printer.

Finally, online retail giant Amazon has hinted that it will be offering up to 25% discounts on select 3D printers.

Monoprice Mini Delta 3D printer

Stay tuned for more 3D printing Black Friday deals.


Cyprus-based company Zesty Technology is also partaking in Black Friday and Cyber Monday this year, as it will be reducing the cost of its Nimble direct drive extruders by €15 ($17.67) each, no matter how many are purchased. (The Nimble products are between $99 and $199 regularly.)

The company says the sale will begin at 5 am GMT and close at 8 am GMT on both Friday November 24 and Monday November 27. In addition, the company has announced a whole new product: the Nimble Sidewinder, which has a horizontally protruding drive cable that is suited for Cartesian of CoreXY 3D printers.

The new Nimble Sidewinder is available for pre-order (it will presumably be part of the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale) and is expected to ship in December.



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Makerbot Black Friday deals are about to go live on this Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2018: Check it out here:

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