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3D printing company Aleph Objects, known for its LulzBot brand 3D printers, has just announced a slew of ten new 3D printing products it plans to release in the near future. Among the new products are software, tool heads, filament, and various 3D printer accessories compatible with the company's range of LulzBot 3D printers.


The first product, which is available as of today, is the new Cura LulzBot Edition software. The new program, which users can download for free, offers an improved user-interface, as well as a number of new or improved features. These include an updated automatic support material generation tool, as well as various new slicing options geared to advanced makers.

Aleph Objects says its new Cura LulzBot Edition software will carry over existing features from previous software programs, including printing profiles for the company's 30+ filaments, as well as settings for various LulzBot 3D printer models and tool heads.

Next up are the new hardware releases, which were developed to address "three key requests from the LulzBot user community: geometric freedom, improvements to ease of use and maintenance, and expanded versatility."

3D printer tool heads

The first, which was officially released on November 21, is the LulzBot TAZ Dual Extruder v3 Tool Head. This product, aimed at improving geometric freedom, enables users to 3D print parts using specialized support materials, such as soluble supports, and adds a number of improvements to its earlier version.

LulzBot TAZ Dual Extruder v3 Tool Head

Notably, the dual extruder tool head is smaller and more lightweight than Aleph Object's preceding version, and eliminates the need for nozzle leveling and offset calibration, making it easier to use. Other improvements include an updated heat sink and part cooling capabilities. The tool head is available for $495.

The company has also announced two other tool head 3D printer parts: the LulzBot Mini Aerostruder Tool Head and its LulzBot TAZ counterpart. The new tool heads integrate the E3D Titan Aero Extruder and Hot End, and are built for both rigid and flexible materials. Both Aerostruder Tool Heads will be released soon.

3D printing materials

In terms of new 3D printing materials, Aleph Objects will soon be releasing water-soluble Polydissolve S1 Filament. The new material is set for release in December 2017.

Chroma Strand ABS filament

This past October, the company also released the new Chroma Strand ABS Filament, which is described as a "premium ABS filament with terrific color richness and consistency." The filament, by Chroma Strand Labs, is available in twelve different colors and is priced at approximately $43 per kg spool.

3D printer accessories

To meet user demands for 3D printer maintenance, Aleph Objects is introducing four new 3D printer accessories. The first—released yesterday—is the LulzBot Mini Modular Print Bed System, which improves and simplifies maintenance for the LulzBot Mini's heated print bed, as well as "enables easy experimentation with after-market build surfaces."

Also for the LulzBot Mini, the company is soon releasing the LulzBot Mini Graphical LCD Controller, which will reportedly make it easier for users to operate their LulzBot Mini 3D printers (the latest-generation) without the need of a computer connection. The upcoming product will also make it possible to 3D print directly from an SD card.

The third product is the LulzBot TAZ Modular Print Bed System, a similar maintenance system to the LulzBot Mini Modular Print Bed, only compatible with the LulzBot TAZ 3D printer line. This print bed system is expected for release in December 2017.

Nylon LulzBot 3D Printer Enclosure by GalaxG Design World

Released in October 2017, the Nylon LulzBot 3D Printer Enclosure was developed by GalaxG Design World as a lightweight protection solution for LulzBot TAZ and LulzBot Mini 3D printers. As an enclosure, the product is designed to keep out dust and drafts while printing. The product is available on Aleph Objects' website for $80.

"Free, Libre, and Open Source development respects user freedom, drives better products, accelerates innovation, and strengthens user communities. With these new products, the LulzBot ecosystem offers users more evolved tools to make everything," concluded Harris Kenny, President of Aleph Objects.



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Randy wrote at 11/26/2017 4:32:11 PM:

@ craig billings It has two stepper motors, it's nothing like the Dondalo. Your insinuation that they "ripped it off" shows a general lack of understanding of the way Aleph and LulzBot operate.

craig billings wrote at 11/22/2017 6:34:09 PM:

They ripped off the Dondalo extruder.

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