Nov 24, 2017 | By Tess

Michigan-based 3D printing company EnvisionTEC has just introduced its latest 3D printer model: Aria. The new machine, priced at $6,999, is described as an entry-level desktop DLP 3D printer ideal for manufacturing jewelry, toys and miniatures, or industrial parts.

2017 has been a busy year for EnvisionTEC, as the 3D printing company has already introduced a number of new 3D printing materials, including engineering grade materials E-CE, E-Poxy, and E-Model Flex; a range of new bioprinting materials; and an FDA-approved dental 3D printing material.

The company has also unveiled a range of new 3D printers, including larger-scale versions of its  Perfactory and cDLM 3D printers, and the new Vida cDLM 3D printer for the dental market.

EnvisionTEC’s new Aria 3D printer is aimed at a more general market than the aforementioned products and is based on the company’s existing Micro platform and integrates its patented #15YearsBetter firmware and software, which EnvisionTEC says enable reliable surface finish and accuracy and offer such features as grayscaling and exposure strategy.

“For 15 years, EnvisionTEC has been known for its unwavering commitment to delivering professional-grade 3D printers, and we have never wanted to sell a cheap printer,” stated EnvisionTEC CEO Al Siblani. “Today, with the launch of Aria, we remain faithful to our mission of delivering a premium product, but at a more accessible price that gives users a taste of EnvisionTEC’s outstanding quality.”

In terms of its hardware, the Aria 3D printer is equipped with an industrial-grade UV LED light engine, as well as a dual-axis Z slide, and an optical glass material tray. Users can select from a variable Z-layer resolution (of either 24, 35, or 50 microns) and 3D print objects as large as 65 x 40 x 100 mm. (While the build volume is on the smaller side, the printer’s intended uses do not require anything much larger.)

EnvisionTEC says the new 3D printer will be offered with a choice of four of its most commonly used materials: EC500, a high resolution lost wax casting material; PIC100, a hard material ideal for printing castable parts; QView, a material designed for fast printing; and RC90, a heat-resistant, ceramic-based material which is suited for printing hard, tough parts as well as for creating bases for rubber mold masters.

Of course, makers can use other materials with the Aria. As the company explains: “Aria is also an open materials system, but materials must be certified for use by EnvisionTEC.”

EnvisionTEC’s new desktop DLP 3D printer is already available for purchase to clients in North America and Europe. Shipping for the new product is expected to take 4 to 6 weeks.



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Dean wrote at 11/26/2017 5:43:04 PM:

WTF: $6995.00 is NOT entry level. (There are already $1000.00 DLP printers!) I would argue $69.95 is ENTRY LEVEL! This is DOA!

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