Nov 29, 2017 | By Tess

Turkish 3D printer distributor Teknodizayn has unveiled the first functional prototype of its new LOOP 3D printer. The new machine, which was presented at formnext 2017, is based on a patented technology inspired by injection molding and integrates a novel continuous printing mechanism.

Though not much is disclosed about the LOOP 3D printer’s patented injection molding inspired technology, what we do know about the 3D printer still sounds pretty interesting.

Firstly, the upcoming 3D printer is reportedly compatible with a wide range of 3D printing materials, including standard filaments such as ABS, PLA, and PETG, as well as more high performance materials such as nylon, carbon fiber reinforced nylon, PSU, PPSU, and ASA.

The 3D printer’s material diversity is largely owed to the LOOP’s integrated “hardened steel nozzle” which can process materials with melting points below 300 °C and its dual gear extruder system. The company adds that its 3D printer will soon also be able to support industrial polymers such as ULTEM and PEEK.

Other notable hardware features are a build chamber of 250 x 350 x 500 mm and a linear guide rail system made of CNC machined “aerospace grade” aluminum parts. Teknodizayn says the latter feature has enabled the LOOP 3D printer to maintain an XY positioning accuracy of about 12.5 microns, and a Z-axis mechanism offers an accuracy as high as 0.3 microns.

The LOOP 3D printer also integrates a high resolution 10” touch-screen and a built in computer, which enable users to slice models and choose print settings directly on the machine. It also offers WiFi, USB, and cloud-based connectivity.

But now let’s look at the feature that might set Teknodizayn’s LOOP 3D printer apart from other professional FDM systems: its continuous fabrication system.

The company describes the mechanism as a “system of spikes placed below the print plate,” which essentially lifts and pushes the completed 3D printed part off the build plate and into a storage system. The patent-pending technology was designed to allow for continuous 3D printing, and to allow for users to send multiple files to the printer without having to intervene. The printer is also equipped with an automatically calibrated build plate which helps with the continuous printing as well.

Mehmet Erkan Ustaoğlu, Teknodizayn CEO, commented on the new 3D printer, saying: “Our experience working as a distributor of several 3D printer models, including HP Multi Jet Fusion systems, has led to us creating a 3D printer able to cater to the future needs for large batch productions. The LOOP 3D printer is unique and it will enable us to set a new standard for industrial 3D printing.”

The LOOP 3D printer is currently available for pre-order, though the company has not yet specified an expected delivery date. “Deliveries will be handled through Teknodizayn’s growing global reseller network,” it explains.



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