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South Korea-based AmorePacific, one of the world’s largest cosmetics companies, is breaking ground in its industry with the unveiling of the world’s first customized facial mask. The new product, which is appropriately named the “Tailored Mask,” is manufactured using 3D printing and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies.

AmorePacific is moving ahead with its customized cosmetics products, as the company became the first in South Korea to release a tailor-made makeup product with the launch of its “My Two-tone Lip Bar” lipstick last year.

Founded in 1945, AmorePacific is the world's 14th largest cosmetics company. Now, with the announcement of its upcoming “Tailored Mask,” cosmetics junkies are sure to be excited at the bespoke trend that AmorePacific is furthering.

The customized facial mask has been in development for the past two years, and was realized in collaboration with scientists from AmorePacific’s research center as well as a team from the Korea Institute of Industrial Technology and South Korean 3D printer manufacturer Lincsolution.

The new product is currently being trialled at the IOPE Lab in Seoul’s main shopping district Myeong-Dong, where customers can have their own Tailored Masks made for them. The new product is set for official release in 2018.

According to AmorePacific, the facial mask product consists of two parts, the “Tailored Mask,” which is a custom-fit sheet mask, and the “Tailored Serum,” which is made up of ingredients that cater to a client’s specific skin type. The serum uses a range of different ingredients, including cypress extract, sugar maple extract, and fructan.

To get a custom-fit face mask, IOPE Lab visitors will be invited to have their own faces scanned using a dedicated smartphone app. By gathering data and measurements about the customer’s face, the app can generate a facial sheet mask pattern which will fit the user's face perfectly.

To manufacture the bespoke mask sheets with custom serums, AmorePacific teamed up with the Korea Institute of Industrial Technology and Lincsolution to develop a 3D printer for mask packs after a series of 3D printing tests with materials that are attachable to the skin.

Though not many details are given about the additive manufacturing technology used for the Tailored Masks or what materials are used, the prospect sounds intriguing. Considering the growing trend of one-sheet disposable face masks, we’re sure that AmorePacific’s custom 3D printed product will find a market with no problem.



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