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Italian 3D printing company DWS Systems has introduced its newest product, the XCELL 6000 3D printer. The new machine, which was presented at formnext 2017, offers users an all-in-one solution for stereolithography (SLA) 3D printing.

In other words, the XCELL 6000 is not just an SLA 3D printer, but it also integrates washing and UV curing equipment. The company says these features make its new 3D printer the “first ever built-in work cell.”

This means that once a user has sent a 3D file to the printer for production, no intervention is necessary until the part has been 3D printed, washed, and UV cured. As you can see in a video demonstration of the machine, the XCELL’s central rotating arm simply dips the print bed into the washing and UV curing modules and voilà: a finished part.

Let’s now take a look at what else DWS Systems’ new SLA 3D printer can do. The XCELL 6000 is powered by three core drivers and integrates DWS’ clever XPOD technology, which is described as “a new concept of smart cartridge with advanced material management.”

More specifically, the XPOD cartridge system improves material management and use by automatically returning unused resin into the cartridge after a print job is complete. This means that users do not have to worry about wasting any 3D printing materials and can benefit from a cleaner, more streamlined printing process.

In terms of specifications, the new XCELL 6000 boasts a build volume of 200 x 150 x 200 mm, and a layer thickness of between 10 and 100 µ (depending on the material used). The 3D printer is compatible with a wide range of professional DWS materials, ncluding those for specific applications such as dentistry or jewelry design.

Finally, with an overall footprint of ø 900 x 1400 mm, the new XCELL 6000 machine can fit into most office or workshop spaces.

"This is a very exciting and defining moment for our company," commented Maurizio Costabeber, DWS' General Manager. "For over two decades we have been pioneering and disrupting segments of the additive manufacturing industry with our innovative Stereolithography systems and materials to the benefit of our customers."

"Today we are taking bold steps to make additive manufacturing 4.0 real and affordable through our groundbreaking new products," he added.

DWS Systems at formnext 2017 in Frankfurt, Germany

The new XCELL 3D printer seems to come in a number of different formats, each suited to a range of specific applications. For instance, the XCELL 6000SD all-in-one SLA system is best suited for applications in industrial design and as well for producing functional parts, design objects demanding aesthetic features, models, and prototypes.

The XCELL 6000HD is being marketed towards jewelry design and specifically for solid design, filigree, and finely detailed models. Finally, the XCELL 6000PD was built for dental manufacturing, including models for Dies, direct casting, models for aligners production, impression models, surgical guides; partial frameworks; implant models for analogs; temporary restorations (crownes and bridges).

Check out a video of the XCELL 6000 3D printer in action at formnext 2017 below:



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