Dec 7, 2017 | By Tess

Cincinnati Incorporated, the company behind the BAAM 3D printing system, has announced the acquisition of Boston-based 3D printing company New Valence Robotics Corporation (NVBOTS). Though the acquisition price has not been disclosed, Cincinnati Inc. has stated that NVBOTS employees will stay on and that for the “foreseeable future” the company’s base of operations will stay in Boston.

NVBOTS has already worked with Cincinnati Inc., as the companies partnered up one year ago to rebrand NVBOTS’ small-scale 3D printing system as SAAM (Small Area Additive Manufacturing) to complement CI’s large-scale 3D printing solution, BAAM.

The idea through the collaboration was to offer NVBOTS’ SAAM system as a prototyping system to be paired with BAAM, so users could print smaller scale parts to test and validate before sending them for final production on the BAAM 3D printing system.

“Cincinnati Incorporated’s participation in additive manufacturing has been within the large scale arena with BAAM,” commented Carey Chen, the president, CEO and vice chairman of CI. “NVBOTS naturally compliments CI’s capabilities with smaller scale additive manufacturing systems, the growing ability to print in a wide array of materials, and automated solutions including cloud based management software.”

NVBOTS was founded in 2013 by a team of MIT engineers who had the goal of developing a more automated 3D printing system than existed on the market. After years of development, the company marked a success with the 2016 release of its NVPro, a 3D printing solution with a built in automated part ejection system and NVCloud software to enable remote access and control.

Now, through Cincinnati Inc.’s acquisition, the Boston-based company says it will be able to continue its innovative 3D printing development work.

Also this year, NVLabs (a division of NVBOTS) launched a metal 3D printing spinout company called Digital Alloys. The new firm, which has taken up NVBOTS’ metal 3D printing venture, has already raised $5 million in investments through a Series A financing round.

Cincinnati Inc.,for its part, has been around since 1898, but has predominantly be known for its laser cutting, press brake, shearing, and powdered metal pressing technology. In more recent years, the company has shifted it focus towards its large-scale additive manufacturing system BAAM, which was developed in partnership with the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL).

Though not many details of Cincinnati Inc.’s acquisition of NVBOTS have been disclosed at present, we’ll be sure to update with any additional information.



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