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Create it REAL, a 3D printing company based in Aalborg, Denmark, is collaborating with Green Ship of the Future, a Danish maritime consortium, to launch a 3D printing pilot project. The initiative will explore the potentials of using 3D printing technologies for onboard production of replacement and spare parts.

The 3D printing pilot project brings together a number of members from the Green Ship of the Future consortium, including J. Lauritzen, Maersk Line, Maersk Tankers, Maersk Drilling, MAN Diesel & Turbo, DNV GL, as well as the Copenhagen Business School. The ship 3D printing project is also supported by the Danish Maritime Fund.

Similar to 3D printing in space, using additive manufacturing aboard a ship can offer a number of benefits. For one, it could reduce the number of spare parts that need to be loaded onto the ship, as certain parts could be 3D printed on demand if the need arises.

The onboard technology could also make it easier to update and print off new versions of spare parts, ensuring that parts can be improved upon as needed. Being able to produce parts on board could also cut back on CO2 emissions and cost as parts that are not available on board could be printed on site rather than delivered by launch boats or helicopters as it now the case.

“3D printing technology is developing rapidly and we believe it is ready for utilization in the maritime industry,” commented Sverre Patursson Vange from J. Lauritzen. “However, the harsh environment and the top priority to safety calls for precautions why we are very pleased to have DNV GL, MAN Diesel & Turbo, and Create it REAL participating in the project to address these issues.”

Through the pilot project, Create it REAL says that it will be delivering secured 3D printers to various locations, including ships and drilling stations, along with training materials and videos which will show the crews how to operate the technology.

The 3D printers will all have Create it REAL’s new processing platform, which not only enables faster printing speeds (up to five times faster than standard speeds) but also protects 3D files through a secured file decryption feature. This last tool will enable maritime companies to protect their 3D files and ensure they are only accessed by onboard crews.

“We believe many companies are facing the same problem: how to share my files with my partners or customers while being sure to keep my intellectual property safe,” commented Create it REAL CEO, Jeremie Pierre Gay. “The business model we are creating thanks to our technology is a bit like listening to music on online platforms. You do not access the mp3s but you can still listen to the music depending on your subscription. We aim to create the same positive environment where end-users will have access to high quality branded content and IP owners keep what they worked for.”

Ultimately, the collaborative pilot project will be aimed at investigating how and if 3D printing aboard ships can help to reduce emissions in the maritime industry, which is Green Ship of the Future’s stated goal.



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