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Beyoncé first rose to fame as the main one in all-female group Destiny’s Child, and her ascent since then has been almost as stratospheric as that of another child, whose birth is celebrated once a year around this time. So why not decorate your holiday tree by putting a 3D printed replica of Queen Bey atop it?

The Beyoncé-themed topper is part of a series of 3D printed Christmas tree decorations, which are intended to celebrate the achievements of various successful women in fields as diverse as politics, cinema and sport. The name of the UK non-profit that commissioned these decorations is Women to Look Up To, and this has a clever double meaning, depending on the height of your tree. They collaborated on this project with London-based 3D printing service My3DTwin. Other topper models include failed presidential candidate Hilary Rodham Clinton, singing Briton Adele, and record-breaking tennis player Serena Williams.

These women are all stars in their own right, but not the kind of star that usually goes on top of a tree. The 3D printed Beyoncé, for her part, is fittingly dressed as something that usually does, with a pair of huge white angel wings. Each of the tree toppers are being sold for £80 (about $107 USD). The topper is currently sold out due to unexpectedly high demand, but if you place your order now you can be sure to get your Yoncé topper by Christmas 2018, which is just under 13 months away.



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