Dec 19, 2017 | By Julia

As 3D printing accelerates technological development across many forward-looking industries, enabling innovations that range from 3D printed organs to in-space additive manufacturing, one company is going against the grain, and opting instead to look back through history.

Meet the Logigram Turntable, the newest release from Italian design firm Defoss. As a high-performance, fully analog turntable that features a 30mm plinth, trademark anti-vibration technology, and a 3D printed tonearm, the Logigram returns to the classic turntable design, modestly combining tasteful aesthetics with the latest technological advancements.

In doing so, Defoss reminds us that 3D printing doesn’t always have to mean out with the old and in with the new. Rather, advancements in additive manufacturing can be used to revisit, rethink, and improve aging technologies, bringing them into the present for new generations to enjoy.

“Technology has brought music everywhere and whenever we want. This is cool, but as a result, we don't pay the right attention to it. Our turntables can help,” reason Defoss designers. Stemming from their love for music and design, the Italian makers were inspired to create a turntable that combines classic elements with innovative design. “The goal is to create a product with supreme quality that can be accessible, and that is able to provide a completely analog listening premium experience,” they explain.

Available in several different models—colours include white, black, or wood, with the additional option of a felt or cork slipmat—the Logigram is refreshingly modest in its design aesthetics, appearing as a gorgeous piece of furniture in its own right. The Defoss team is definitely onto something with the emphasis on accessibility as well: a lack of wireless connections and USB ports was intended to increase the listener’s analog experience, explains lead architect and Defoss co-founder Luca Chieregato. In other words, the Logigram has no extra knobs or wires, just pure listening enjoyment.

What really caught our eye, though, is the 3D printed tonearm. Unlike the record players of yesteryear, the Logigram’s tonearm has been manufactured as a single piece, with everything from cartridge platform to counterweight stub produced in one print. An achievement that’s only possible through 3D printing, the advantage of this decision is that Defoss was able to optimally shape and form the tonearm to have a completely even mechanical response. Again, technology is cleverly used here not to complicate, but to simplify.

For now, the Logigram remains in its crowdfunding stage, with three weeks still to go in its Kickstarter campaign. If successful, Defoss expects to ship out the turntable by August of 2018. Fingers crossed that this beautiful prototype gets off the ground!



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