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Getting the right temperature levels for your 3D printer can be a real source of difficulty, particularly for those working with consumer desktop FDM machines, at the lower end of the market. Some materials extrude more smoothly with higher temperatures, but this can lead to a reduction in precision as well as extra energy use and extra stress on cooling systems. The UK-based startup E3D-Online has just released a new add-on for 3D printers, Titan Aqua, that should help many users to find the right balance. It’s a water-cooled hot end and extruder that will enable high temperature performance.

The release of this new range of add-ons and the water cooling kit was first announced by E3D back in September. It should allow users to make better use of filaments like ABS and ASA, and particularly the higher-performance thermoplastics like PEEK. This should expand the range of applications for FDM printing beyond their current level for professional manufacturers as well as DIY makers.

Titan Aqua comprises a hot end and extruder, as well as a proprietary water cooling system for the motor and the heatsink, that will enable a 3D printer to work at high temperatures without any adverse effects. The system is very similar to the standard cooling system found inside many computers. The Aqua is based on the popular Titan Aero extruder, so it retains all the important features that led to E3D’s initial success with that product including the idler mechanism, easy filament change, sharp-toothed custom-machined hobb, and precision 3:1 gearing ratio. Like the Aero, it uses the heat break system from the V6 extruder, so they are all similar in terms of dimensions and compatibility and can be upgraded with any of E3D’s high-temperature parts.

Although sharing many of the qualities of the earlier models, the Aqua improves upon previous versions by reducing a lot of the weight. It combines the reservoir and the pump into one unit, as well as merging the radiator and the fan.  Being more lightweight and compact means that the print head is also more rigid, and in combination with the constrained filament path this means that it will cope much better with knocks and bumps

The Titan Aqua also increases the possible Z-height by 25mm when compared to the V6. The water cooling system’s size means that thermal transitions will be a lot sharper, which is a crucial aspect of ensuring print precision and stability. The way that the Aqua has been designed will make it incredibly straightforward and hassle-free to upgrade a user’s current set-up. It can be assembled independently, separate from the 3D printer, and then mounted inside it as a single unit. The Titan Aqua standard is priced at £144 (inc.VAT).

After establishing a strong reputation as a materials provider as well as a parts supplier, the company now looks to be expanding its appeal further with this specially designed system, tailored to a more niche 3D printing need. This should be a lucrative move for E3D as it can increase the company’s market share with professional 3D printer users as well as hobbyists.



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