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Christmas is typically a time of year for being with family, eating a lot, and being merry. For those who haven’t seen a snowflake fall on Christmas for the last several years, the season can also be a stark reminder of the effects of global warming.

Such is the case in the United Kingdom, where snowfall in winter has become increasingly rare, and winters are becoming more and more mild.

To remind people that a snowless Christmas is a symptom of climate change and to get the discussion on global warming going, UK-based activist group Plan B has launched a quirky new campaign through which it is selling “No-Snow Globes.”

The No-Snow Globe campaign, realized with the help of 3D printing technologies, consists of a collection of three snow globes, only instead of depicting idyllic winter wonderlands, they each feature a snowless and dreary looking Christmas scene. In one, two children build a snowman from dirt, in another they make snow angels in the mud…you get the idea.

Don’t worry though, the ad campaign isn’t just meant to bring people’s Christmas cheer down a level, as it is actually aimed at encouraging the UK government to revise its 2050 carbon target. In addition to the 3D printed No-Snow Globes, the campaign also features a hashtag (#NoSnowGlobe) and a petition which will be sent to the government.

“Not everyone wants to discuss the apocalypse at Christmas time! So this campaign has been designed as a playful and accessible way to get people talking about climate change over the festive season,” said Tim Crosland from Plan B. “We’re using it a bit like a Trojan Horse—smuggling in a dose of reality about the urgency of the situation—without putting people off their Brussel sprouts.”

Released in collaboration with the Martin London advertising agency (which worked on the campaign for free), the detailed and provocative No-Snow Globe scenes were 3D printed using stereolithography technology (SLA) and were intricately painted by hand.

Plan B is currently in the process of suing the British government for its “inaction against climate emergency,” and it says it is expecting a first preliminary hearing for the case in early 2018. To make their message even clearer, the group has reportedly sent No-Snow Globes to Prime Minister Theresa May, as well as politician Nigel Lawson and media personality Katie Hopkins, two climate change deniers.

The No-Snow Globes are currently on sale at the Winter Forest Christmas Market at Broadgate Square in London, but if you want one you’ll have to get there quickly as Christmas is just around the corner. “Come on down and give them a shake. It will disappoint you every time,” adds Plan B.

If you miss out on the 3D printed snow globes, you can always support the global cause by signing Plan B’s petition.



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Simon Parkes wrote at 1/4/2018 3:49:05 PM:

She is right! And it's happening here too.

LaToya Smith wrote at 1/4/2018 2:26:51 AM:

Have you looked around lately? It's snowing in Tallahassee FL for the first time in 28 years. There's 6 inches of snow on the ground in CHARLESTON SC! In Atlanta, it snowed 8-10 inches two weeks BEFORE Christmas. Global warming my ass!

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