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Kwambio, a ceramic production company based in the Ukrainian city of Odessa, has developed an industrial ceramic 3D printer which it says is more precise than existing desktop ceramic 3D printers. The machine, called the Ceramo One, will be available for pre-order as soon as January 2018.

Founded in 2014, Kwambio specializes in the additive manufacturing of ceramic and metal products and has reportedly printed over 10,000 pieces for clients in the past year. The company, which has offices in Odessa and New York, is now entering into the 3D printer market with the unveiling of its new Ceramo One ceramic 3D printer.

Kwambio says it was driven to develop its own ceramic 3D printer when it encountered delays and long production times for its ceramic orders using existing additive systems. In fact, the company says that it was restricted on two fronts: ceramic 3D printers did not offer a high enough quality for the pieces it was making, while using traditional 3D printers to create a mold to cast in clay was too time consuming a process.

The Ceramo One was thus born from the company’s need to produce high quality ceramic parts in a timely manner. Now, and thanks to an investment of about $500,000 from Empire State Capital Partners and Impulse VC, it seems the printer’s development is complete.

According to Kwambio, the Ceramo One boasts a higher speed (it prints at a rate of 160 mm/s) and better accuracy (20 microns) than ceramic desktop 3D printers on the market. The company’s founder, Vladimir Usov, says that it only takes about 2 to 3 hours to print a ceramic cup.

At the same time, Kwambio claims that the 3D printer reduces the cost of printing ceramics down to about 8 cents per square centimeter printed (while the average cost for ceramic 3D printers is about 12 to 15 cents per square centimeter). Other specifications for the Ceramo One include a respectable build volume of 350 x 350 x 380 cm.

Rather than use ceramic-based filaments or pastes, the Ceramo One builds up objects using a versatile range of clay-based powders. Currently, Kwambio says it has about 100 colors of its ceramic powder material, as well as ceramic powders dedicated to casting metal parts and printing industrial parts for the aerospace industry.

Currently, there is only one functioning copy of the Ceramo One 3D printer, which is in operation at Kwambio’s Odessa factory, though the startup is not shying away from promoting its new product.

The company is preparing to offer pre-orders for its 3D printer as soon as January 2018 and has hinted at a retail price of about $25,000. The Ceramo One will also reportedly be on display at the upcoming CES 2018 expo, which runs from January 9 to January 12 in Las Vegas.



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