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CEL UK has been one of the UK’s notable 3D printing success stories in recent years, following the launch of its first desktop FDM machine back in 2014. Since then, the Bristol-based manufacturer has been improving on its systems and offering new versions of the Robox 3D that are catered to the specific needs of professional users without breaking the bank. The latest version, just unveiled at the Bett 2018 trade show, is known as the RoboxPRO. The dual-extrusion 3D printer offers the largest build volume of any Robox machine so far.

CEL UK’s offer of dual-extrusion capabilities at such an affordable price point with the Robox Dual was already very enticing, but the RoboxPRO has now improved on the 2017 release with a larger build volume of 210 x 300 x 400 mm. Feedback from professional users suggested that this was the direction to move in, and the RoboxPRO (priced at around £3,330) will offer customers the ability to print larger structures than have previously been possible, with the same ease-of-use that other Robox 3D printers are known for.

Since this focus on accessibility made the Robox 3D’s Kickstarter campaign such a success four years ago, CEL UK has also been working on improving print speed and build quality in its FDM machines, gradually expanding the appeal of the Robox range to bring in more advanced users. The Robox Dual and PRO are capable of printing up to 30 percent faster than other large dual-extrusion 3D printers currently on the market. This is primarily due to the company’s patented needle valve nozzle control technology, which enables instantaneous, clean switching between nozzles for a more efficient user experience.

An impressive feature of the RoboxPRO that should attract a lot of attention from professional customers is its inclusion of an Olsson Ruby nozzle on the print head. Developed by Swedish research engineer Anders Olsson of Uppsala University, this is one of the most unique FDM extrusion nozzles currently available on the market, and the RoboxPRO is the first desktop 3D printing system to offer this nozzle included with its basic features.

(microscopic image of ruby nozzle tip, without visible wear)

The Olsson Ruby nozzle is designed to print highly abrasive materials while retaining the excellent heat conductivity of brass. Its tip is made from ruby, (aluminium oxide), which means that the nozzle is much more durable when compared to other brass nozzles. It can print with demanding, high-performance materials, like Kevlar or Tungsten-filled ABS, for a lot longer before it starts to wear away. In many cases, the ruby tip can also lead to an improved surface finish. CEL UK has even teamed up with materials company FibreForce to create a range of glass and carbon-filled nylons, which are optimized for use with the new Olsson Ruby nozzle.

The RoboxPRO comes with all the professional desktop 3D printer features that are now standard, such as a touchscreen controller, on-board wi-fi connectivity, and an advanced HEPA filtration system for improved safety. There will also be a specially-designed dry cabinet available to purchase alongside the RoboxPRO, which will give users moisture-free storage space for their filament materials as well as a direct feed of large filament reels to the 3D printer itself.

CEL UK puts together all its 3D printing products in-house in order to ensure the best quality, as well as offering extensive after-care services. According to managing director and Robox inventor, Chris Elsworthy, “As a manufacturer of mass produced goods, we fully appreciate the need to produce high quality prototypes, jigs/fixtures and components quickly and efficiently. We’ve designed RoboxPRO with business and advanced education use in mind and are confident this new addition to the Robox family will help users get the most out of additive manufacturing technology to reduce lead times, accelerate innovation and enhance the quality of their products.”



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