Jan 25, 2018 | By Julia

British medical 3D printing company 3D LifePrints UK Ltd has come a big step closer to establishing itself in the medtech industry, and securing its position as a company to watch in the UK additive manufacturing market. Earlier this week, the medical 3D printing firm closed a Series A investment round of £500,000 with Fenwall Investments Ltd. The hefty sum comes as a follow up from the company’s initial Seed Funding investment back in 2016, and is expected to accelerate 3D LifePrints’ expansion and innovation.

As a provider of medical 3D printing manufacturing and service capabilities for National Health Service (NHS) hospitals and academic institutions, 3D LifePrints has already made quite a name for itself around the UK. In addition to manufacturing, the 3D printing company is a frequent partner of clinicians, healthcare providers and academics to help identify new applications of 3D technologies.

If none of that rings a bell, however, maybe this will: last December, 3D LifePrints made quite a splash with a new range of 3D printed Mine Risk Education products. These 3D printed landmine and explosive replicas are totally inert, and engineered solely as learning tools - the goal is to educate the public about explosive devices. Using the company’s own filament (a combination of PLA and ABS), these 3D printed replicas are currently being produced at 3D LifePrint’s facilities in Mali and South Sudan, as well as other conflict areas where mine risk education is needed.

That being said, 3D LifePrint is currently keeping quiet on whether its newly secured Series A investment will go towards the company’s ongoing mine risk efforts. As outlined in an official statement, the £500,000 funding round will assist in the expansion of 3D LifePrint’s portfolio of embedded medical 3D printing hubs, both across the NHS and overseas. The recruitment of biomedical engineers and 3D technologists has also been cited as next steps for the UK firm, as well as continuing to invest in Research and Development.

“We are extremely pleased to announce the completion of this funding round which will accelerate our unique model of embedded 3D medical printing services to drive down operational costs, provide innovative 3D technology based products and services, and ultimately improve patient care,” stated Paul Fotheringham, Founder and Chief Technology Officer for 3D LifePrints. Chief Executive Officer Henry Pinchbeck was also quoted as saying he is “delighted” with the Fenwall investment. “They are a perfect long-term partner for 3D LifePrints,” he continued, with a shared set of values and a vision for improving global healthcare.

If all goes according to plan, the 3D printing firm should be well on its way to Series B and Series C funding rounds. Stay tuned for more developments on this fast-growing medtech player.



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